Overwintering brugmansia

rina_November 7, 2013

This brugmansia is too large to keep over the winter, but with so many flowers/buds I could not resist to bring her inside. She lost all the leaves outside, bud had well over 20 buds. As soon as she was in warmer place, they all started to open.
Will have to put her to sleep soon. Rina

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7


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Nice! Where do you keep it over winter - in that room?

I put mine in my cellar.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Awesome! What do you think of the scent?

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Morning Everyone,

Rina, your Brug is a beauty.

Don't worry, the same thing happened to my Trumpet. It was left out too long...lives died from the cold, yet buds formed..The only difference is the buds didn't open, they fell.

I can't believe the number of flowers on your Brug..so pretty..are flowers fragrant at night? Toni

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rhizo - Thank you.
elkay - I will put it in the cellar eventually, not really enough room for another large plant.
purple - I know lots of people don't like the scent, but I do.
Toni - it had 23 flowers opened at one time. Now there are no more buds left, so I guess it will be going to sleep.
I cut off one of the branches & just put it in water. In 1 week bunch of leaves sprouted, and I see a bud emerging too - see photo.
It does have strong fragrance evening-night.

I would like some double-flowered one too...but they get so large, and have to be moved in for the winter here.


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Another large plant, it really needs to be repotted (at least potted up). In spite of being in very small pot, it grows new leaves constantly. Maybe better light too - it is by the north window now.
It is only leaning against the wall, I am sure it will benefit from support of some kind?


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This one of those plants that breaks my heart every year, getting frosted in the prime of bloom, though the roots are apparently reliably hardy here. When they're blooming (now) it's easy to see how many there are in people's yards - a LOT.

I'm withholding my opinion of the scent until I can remember to go out there much later at night. BUT I'll be moving 2 of my plants in the spring. The spot they are in is supposed to be a plant that wafts scent into the house through one of the windows in son's bedroom, according to my plan. So does no good if it's only scented after that window is closed. Really a late bloomer too, mistake on my part with the placement, not enough research. Whatever's there should bloom when the windows are for sure open at some point, not after there are days too cool to open them at all.

You folks who keep them in pots are to be commended. Maybe I should do that, if I decide I like the scent? Ironic! Still getting mosquito bites down here, hanging around outside in the dark, still not desirable. When they give-out from blooming, then I could put them back outside to have their "little winter." Hmm... like there's room in here for that! Riiiight. Beautiful plants like this surely enable thoughts though!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Typing at the same time it looks like. Your Philo vine is awesome! Do you want an upright or dangling plant? The aerial roots will adhere to the wall if they touch, probably want to avoid that.

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Not sure - which may be better? dangling or upright? Have to think about that.
Thank you for the warning, I better get it away from the wall right away (it was painted recently).

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I don't think that kind can make splits or holes, mature-form leaves, so it's probably just a matter of your taste/space.

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Morning All,

Rina, 23 flowers at one time! Amazing!
I was happy with the few blooms mine produced..would be a lot happier with 23. :)

Where was the branch kept? In or outdoors? Your branch rooted in one week? That too is amazing.
Since I want my Brug to look tree-like, perhaps I should remove a stray branch, attempt rooting, although I really don't need or have space for duplicates.

I like your Philo, too.
IMO, 'which means nothing, lol,' growing that type of Philo looks better upright.
Dangling looks messy..Keep as is.

Purple. Everyone has different taste of course. This summer when my Brug flowered, I took a whiff..during the day there was no fragrance, but at night, it smelled, um, um good...
Because Brugs are poisonous, my nose was about 1-foot from the plant. 'yes, I'm paranoid.'
Blooms smelled wonderful.

Brugs cousin, Datura stinks. I can't stand the odor.
Datura grows wild here. While plucking babies from the ground, I can smell the leaves which makes me sick to my stomach.

But, you're right..you may or may not like Brugs scent. Some people dislike Gardenia and citrus flowers fragrance. I prefer citrus to Gardenia.
I once bought a Gardenia purfume..I disliked it..yuck.


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Thanks, and yes, there were 23 open at the same time. Plant was outside whole summer, and it bloomed but only 4 to 7 flowers at the time. When it started getting colder, it still had over 30 (!) buds, I put it in the garage where all the leaves fell off. I didn't water it for 6-7 days, planning on 'putting it to sleep'. But then I drag it inside, since the buds were still there - within a day it started perking up, in couple of days few flowers opened up. These were very pale in color (remember, plant was in the dark garage for almost 2 weeks).
After that with all the heat inside and more light/sun, all the buds started to open (today, there is still 19 opened, but there are no more buds).
The branch I cut off is also inside, in jug of water. Within a week the leaves started to grow (there were just few 'minis' on top to begin with), and a bud appeared. Today, there is another bud coming on. It did not root within that first week, today the stem looks like this (see photo) - very soon there will be lots of roots.
I find them very easy to root, in the water. I also prefer tree-like, and just rubbed off couple of new branches that were trying to develop earlier in summer, and cut & rooted few bigger branches.
I have 2 tall trunks (plus branch I cut off), that are 3' & 3'7" tall before they split into 'y' (visible in 1st photo). I probably divide them into 2 separate pots, & see what will happen next spring.

I do like the scent...Rina

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