easystitches(z8 Or)June 8, 2011

Can I ask a garden ? here?

A few years ago we leveled a smoke bush.

It's grown back a little & has the neatest ground cover look

now. I'm wondering if I can propagate some of the new growth

and enlarge this look? Any advice on how to do this? It's a nice soft stem like any new growth on most shrubs.

I don't like asking questions on the garden forums because they always make me feel so dumb (sorry, but it's true) Thanks, Jill

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Of course you can ask all kinds of questions here! We'll at least help direct you.

That's too bad some forums don't have a nice tone, I've noticed that too. The Cottage Gardening Forum is a nice spot if you need to ask questions.

I don't grow Smoke Bush, but I did google and find the link listed below.

Most plants can be propagated from cuttings, it's just a matter of doing a lot of them and getting your technique right. The first thing is to get the rooting mix as light as possible with peat and perlite being my favorite. Don't be surprised if you lose more than half, that's normal. Some plants root better on the woody part and some with the green soft new growth so try both. I tent them with plastic bags to keep the cuttings moist. Use clear cups or cut off soda bottles so you can see when the roots form. It really is about experimenting so good luck and hth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smoke bush propagation

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Jill, urge that you post this interesting question on the shrubs forum. Nice folks, very knowledgable. There are a few not-so-pleasant posters. Choose to just ignore them!!

The longer I garden, the more I realize there is much to learn and the forums are a great way to get that knowledge.


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I just posted a question in" Ca. Gardening forum" about red onions. I've grown white, Spanish & Vidalia & wondered what was going on that I have all kinds of little red onions 1/2 way up the stems- do you pull off or bend stem down & stick in ground with a small rock holding it to get more onions. I thought their answers were crazy until I checked veggie forum. They are called "walking onions" or something else, I've forgotten already.(Long day) I typed in "red onions" & lots of weird stuff came up but I scrolled down a long way & sure enough they answered my questions in a post. So try that over on the shrub forum so you aren't asking something asked before. Good Luck! Jan

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easystitches(z8 Or)

Thanks for all the help. And thanks for the remind about
searching old questions, I always forget that.

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