dracaena dying

cupofjavaNovember 21, 2013

Hi guys,

i need some help!

I think my Dracaena has been over watered. It has one large plant in the pot with a smaller one about 1/3 the size of the large one.

Over the past week the smaller plant has died, the leaves went brown and fell off and the wooden stem went soft and snapped. As i cut these off there was a lot of sap and smelling liquid that came out of it too.

The main plant still seems to be ok (the leaves look wilted however, and some of the ends are curled), but what can i do to make sure it survives? should i remove the smaller plant totally, or leave it in the hope that it might pull through?

I even thought about putting a hair dryer to it to dry out the soil, but then figured the sudden blast of heat might not do it any good either...

Can someone advise? I've had the plant for years and dont want it to die!

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Hello and Morning, Cup,

Are you sure your plant is a Dracaena? Can you post a photo?

The reason I ask is, I've never seen Dracaena bleed sap. Are you sure your plant isn't a Ficus?

You mentioned over-watering...why do you think you've over-watered?

Also, is the baby attached to the larger plant?

A picture would really help. Toni

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Leaking foul smelling liquid -- not sap -- is an indication of Erwinia, a bacterial rot.

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