What have you done with your clay pots?

ohiovalleygardener(5/6)June 17, 2010

I found a local thrift store that has lots and lots of clay pots for .29 to $2.25 in all sizes from tiny to huge. Would love to see pics of all your wonderful and adorable creations using them before I start buying and can't figure out what to do. Thank you everyone.

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Go to the search engine and type in Pot lady. I do not have one but they are AMAZING.

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I have been painting clay pots with acrylic paints. I start with a base color, usually a pale cream, yellow, blue or pink. Then I freehand in pencil a repeating design around the top rim just a wavy line with tendrils and maybe some simple five-petal blooms. Then the body of the pot has some kind of flower bouquet with one deep primary color and 3-4 lighter complementary colors. Paint in the stems and leaves last overlapping some of the shapes and allowing the thin washes to show through. I gave away most of my painted pots at our last swap, but if I can find one or two I'll take a pic and let you see how it works. I have been buying clay pots lately at full retail prices cause I haven't been able to find them in the thrift stores. Wish I could go to your TS. I'm jealous! Cheryl

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Repeating this pic...but these wreaths were made by others & I made one this past Jan. wintery mo....it will be on the end of my garden shed when the new (old) door gets replaced. Hanging in house for this pic. Fun project! Jeanne S.

And the link below takes you to the "Misc. Album" in the "Inspiration Album" that purplemoon keeps for all of us with great projects in it...some "pot people" in this album, too. enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspiration Album Miscellaneous Album pics

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Funny this post came up . I just had a pot Stolen off of my stone planter. I'm still steaming mad about it . I wanted to do some fancy paint jobs on them - but I was too anxious to get them up . Here's my planter . Notice the bare spot on top -- it's in a perfect spot to reach in off the alley and take it. Some people are no better than animals. I hope I See it when I drive around - it's not very neutral ..LOL . Now I have to think of a way to block that spot in back ...

ANd if that isn't all -- we have 2 baby squirrels here that LOVE digging up my plants !! LOL

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dammm, Kathy...that's terrible!!

and the squirrels, well, I have more tolerance for them but people who have the balls to lift a potted plant from INSIDE your yard should be shot on site..

I'm very sorry about that, cuz I know the anxious feeling that goes with it..dammed lug heads~

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Deb Kozuszek

I made this a couple of years ago and it hangs out all the time

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I haven't done a darned thing with them..
they just sit, waiting for the day I get my strength and desire back for the yard. Until then, it's status quo

it's a shame too, cuz there are a lot of undone projects that I'm not up to working with.
I can't blame the weather, tho it is still very rainy but that's not enough to keep one from planting, if one desires to.

I just don't care.

there are boots to plant, birdbaths to mosaic, wood to make planters, flats to fill..
a hobby horse to work on..

but there are a few bright spots in the yard...

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thought I'd add the others that are neglected.....

sad huh?
it's all been since the county has been on my a$$ and I just lost momentum. it's still pending and everytime I even think of going in to the office, my anxiety level goes balistic. so, I try to keep an even keel and get busy with something inside the house.

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Boy - I can sure relate . Thanks for posting that . Now I don't feel alone. I get weighed down by things "to do" .

Even though I know it's fun making things & I've collected stuff for future projects ... my mind takes hold and makes the unfinished projects seem like a "burden" . I never get to them.

You can't imagine how good it is seeing a post like that .
LOL .... Thank you !!!!!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Sorry about your stolen pot Kathy. They look beautiful even with the empty spot.
The fountain made out of clay pots is a good one too. That was a post of Toomuchglass Kathyabout a book.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

This photo is from my friend, Edna's garden.

These are my experiments. They're just stacked on metal poles.

Edna's photos are on the link below. She really knows how to store clay pots. Linda

Here is a link that might be useful: Edna's garden photos

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Love the stacked pots! I think I will do that with some around my glass house.

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Deb Kozuszek

I love the stacked pots with the succulents in them! I would probably have to take them in in the winter though.

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I bought a cute clay pot lady the other day at a GS and other than that I don't have a single clay pot in my yard. I always end up with the plastic, less heavy ones. TMG, I would glue the top two bricks together and then glue the flower pot securely to the two glued bricks. Then see if they if they can lift the bricks and all. I had a concrete eagle on top of my brick mailbox and it blew off and broke, then I noticed that one of my neighbors had glued a lion to thiers.

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Strawberrygoat - what a treasure trove you have!! I'm hyper-ventilating. I wish I could come over there and "help" you with all of your beautiful junk. Where have you found so many wonderful things? Cheryl

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that's just a drop in the bucket...
I sincerely appreciate that you say 'treasure trove' and I do love all my 'acquisitions'

it's taken me some time to gather things that I knew would go somewhere in the yard.
that's just it..I have so much more and so little energy to keep up with my ideas.
it's also what's gotten me in trouble with the county.

it's not even the county..it's the neighbor, who has complained of too much junk..so, by law, the county has to investigate the complaint.
I got a 'rambo' enforcement officer, who has no idea or tolerance for non traditional collections of garden junk.
in fact, he'd never even heard the term 'garden junk' before I was talking about it.
he follows up on acreage with junk vehicles, illegal dumping of oil and other things that are environmentally injurious.

but, he got to be on good speaking terms and later on phone calls to the neighbors.
so, if they don't like something, they simply give him a quick phone call. it's been going on for months.

but you know, I've come to the realization that life is way too short to die over this type of trouble.
I already have the stuff..it's both in my yard and a lot in storage.
it's not even the first day of summer yet and I have grandsons who would love to come over and slap some paint on boards, or pallets to make into things..or even if I can get in touch with my garden junk neighbor, I bet she and I could have a mess of fun, getting into muddy messes, or cement, or whatever...

he more or less came from behind and hit me behind the knees but I'm only down for a while. I'll be back up and loaded for bear one day soon.
the weather has been such that it's not made a huge difference in plants..it rains enough that I haven't had to go out and water things..that's a good thing.

one thing that has put a spark back in my mindset is that website of the lady with all the stacked pots, all around her yard with the succulents..tho I can't grow that type of plants here in the northwest..
but good grief, that's exactly the epitome of what I have wanted all along..
who was that...Edna?...
it was amazing and I was looking at that last night, around midnight..I was so mentally captured by it all, I nearly wanted to go outside in the yard, right then...lol

time will be right, I'll be fine, I just need to heal a bit and then, I may have to tape stickers onto certain things, to keep track of the different projects that need attention.

with school out, the little boys are 6 and 9 and will be spending a lot of time over here, for fun..I've had them mosaic rocks in the past and they loved that. I think they're old enough to help me make a good difference around here.

larger rocks would be really pretty around the yard in planers or labeling plants on the ground....

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