Ficus lyrata, fiddle leaf fig tree

missjellyfishNovember 22, 2013

I really need help with my ficus lyrata, since it seems like no one in Europe knows anything about them:( I also can't loose it since they're not so popular and it's hard to find them in stores..
It's from ikea, it has single stem and I would like to prune it, so it become more of a tree form. How should I do that? How much of a stem should I cut? Should I wait until it's more leaves to cut or should I cut as little as it's possible. It has now new 3 baby leaves at the top.
It is at home at north facing window, it's automn here, but already we don't have much light (sunny day once in two weeks?:D) and it will not be warmer until march, but even if I should it during spring I want to find answers now, so it won't be too late later;)
Thank You so much, I can add photos if that would help

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We can't answer your questions about pruning without pictures of the whole plant. I'm worried that the very low light conditions might be a problem.

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I'll add photos as soon as I can (tommorow) About the light- it's a big south facing window, so it's shouldn't be that bad, it's just that days are a little bit more cloudy, so there's not much direct sun.
Thank You in advance for Your help!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You said North facing window in your original post. Big difference!

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missjellyfish, generally, pruning side-shoots, suckers etc. will promote the growth of the terminal shoot(s).
When the required height has been attained, the terminal shoot can be cut off. This will stimulate lower buds to grow. The canopy is developed by judiciously removing or cutting back shoots.
Here are some images.

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Ir's a south facing window, my bad:) I will take a picture today. Thank You very much for Your help! Unfortunatelly it has only one stam, and no side-shoots:(

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