New lawn by plugs or runners?

newlawnnowJanuary 3, 2012

Hi all!

I'm looking at laying lawn in my back yard cheaply and heard a little about using plugs or runners but am missing some information.�

Is some able to provide advice or point me in the right direction for information?

I have 100 square meters to grass and am thinking of using kikuyu from a local turf farm.�

If I cut the turf into plugs, how big should each plug be? (I don't want to cut them too small if it will kill the grass)

Or is burying runners better for kikuyu? If so, how do I go about breaking up the turf into runners?

I would prefer to use sir Walter buffalo but have been told it spreads very slowly from plugs and kikuyu would be better for this application.�

Should I be adding fertiliser to the new top soil?

Many thanks!�

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Kikuyu is not used very much in the US, and I haven't seen anyone on this board discuss it. From what I have read it is a great choice if you have the right climate. If you do plugs you have to remember that you have to mow the area often to promote spreading, so if they are too small they might get pulled up, plus you are going to be basically mowing dirt for the better part of the year. Sprigging might be a more effective strategy, and of course sodding is ideal but more costly, although for only a 100 square meters it might be worth it to lay sod. I'm sure the turf farm will have good advice on plugging or sprigging since that is probably how they grow it. Hope this helps.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Kikuyu is one of those grasses that grows like a wild fire in the right conditions. Here is a picture of it invading a highway.

Back in the 70s in California the highway department had one truck hydrosprigging kikuyu and another truck spraying it to kill it out. It was growing over the roads and causing accidents from cars slipping on it.

Since you measure in meters I must assume you do not live in the US. Where do you live? Kikuyu can be a tame grass when the conditions are not quite perfect for it. If you live in California, then all you need is for one sprig to take hold and you'll soon have an entire lawn of it.

If you are in the US you might consider Tech Turf buffalo grass by the Turffalo company. It is plugged in and spreads much faster than any other buffalo I am aware of. Here is a picture demonstrating the spreading over a sidewalk a few weeks after it was mowed.

My understanding it you can have a full lawn of Tech Turf in a month by sprigging according to the directions.

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