Interstate 80 Revisited

tehutiJune 21, 2013

This sculpture, recent to my backyard, is an assemblage of truck parts picked up while walking I-80 around Fernley, NV, including the rock which weighs in at 60 pounds.

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Very neat!

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That is a very thought provoking sculpture. I can see someone trying to figure out what it represents. Very colorful and unique.

TYFS Jlily

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That must be bigger than it looks. 60 lbs is 1 heavy rock!! Is that a truck rim it's in? Jan

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sunnyca Yes it is a truck rim. There are two truck rims and two different style truck hub caps. A mud flap support arm forms the center support. There is also a truck lug-nut cap and a chrome spinner. The base is a disc brake rotor. I drilled a hole in the rock and forced a 40" piece of rebar into the hole. I welded a piece of electrical conduit through the center of the mud-flap support to channel the rebar. and fed the rebar through the electrical conduit and into the ground. The sculpture is 33â wide and 50â tall. The chrome spinner I left in its original finish because it has a roadrunner etched into the center. This sculpture represents the kind of unintentional environmental pollution that occurs on AmericaâÂÂs Highways everyday.

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I think this one is my favorite. I would display this in my front yard. Very Cool!

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Marlene Kindred

Very Cool! But, I want to know how you dragged a 60 pound rock back to your house!

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I too wonder how you got that rock back! NICE piece of art.

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The Rock.
It was a difficult job but I am a stubborn kinda guy. It was hot and nasty out in the sun and I really gave it a second thought, did I need âÂÂthatâ rock? Yup. So through the nasty stickers, burs, and stabbing branches of low desert shrubs I pushed, rolled, and twisted that boulder navigating the loose sand. It took awhile but once I made up my mind it was just a matter of work - I wanted that rock. I finally managed to get the rock from the center meridian up to the edge of the freeway, walked back to my truck, drove back to the rock and that as they say is it.

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Very Cool!

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