Pre-emergent in South Florida

botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)January 12, 2011

When the weather turns and I get 5 days in a row with out dipping out of the 50s is when I am supposed to put down a pre-emergent. That is about 2 weeks away, or so. Extension states 1st week of Feb for my location.

Can I put the pre-emergent down early and if so, how early?

We will not get any substantial rain for about 3-4 months, so it wont wash away. Tonight it should get into the upper 20s, then warm up so the low will be in the 40s-50s.

Could I put the pre-emergent down now? I will be spraying it on, surflan (the orange stuff). If I put it down now, watered it in and then turn off the sprinkler system till it warms up, whats the harm?

Any thoughts or ideas about this?

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Weed seed germination is directly related to soil temperature, not air temperature. If it would make you feel better to go ahead and put down Surflan now, you can do so without any harm; but in my opinion, you're about 2-3 weeks too early. But, then again, I'm not living in SW Florida either, so what do I know, huh? Just hearing that you folks down there are having night time lows in the 20's means that it is just going to take that much longer for the soil temperatures to get warm enough for weed seeds to germinate.

Anyway, when you do apply Surflan, here is some information for you. You will need to apply Surflan 3 times per year (every 90 days) in order to get season-long control. Each time, apply at the rate of 1 oz./1000 square feet. After each application, you must apply a minimum of one-half inch of water (rainfall or irrigation) within 21 days after applying Surflan. Also remember that if you are going to do any type of cultivating (aerating, verticutting, dethatching) it should be done prior to the application of any pre-emerge herbicide. Good luck!

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

Thank you for your reply back. I put it down, just incase I will not be able to get it down next weekend. This week it is supposed to be mid 70s highs and 50s as the low. So I may have hit it pretty good putting it down early.

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I have a similar question regarding Central Texas (just north of Austin). After firing my lawn "care" company last year for substandard results, we were left without any pre-emergent applications in 2010. I'd like to put down something myself this year, and would prefer an organic program as long as it's effective.

So, when do I put something down on my central TX St. Augustine lawn, and, what should I use? THANKS in advance.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

Im pretty new to the pre emergents so Im not sure what will work well there. Im trying surflan, if it works well, then Ill keep it. From the reading that I have done, unfortunatly, organic pre-emergents do not work too well.

Here is a list of some pre-emergents.
benefin (Amaze, Balan, Crabgrass Preventer)
bensulide (Betasan)
oryzalin (Surflan)
pendimethalin (Halts)
dithiopyr (Crab-Ex)
prodiamine (Barricade)

The link is the article this list came from.

Here is a link that might be useful: pre-emergents

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To jscaldwell: I don't think I'm qualified to talk to you about organics, but dchall is qualified. Hopefully he will get on here soon and respond to your post. He grows a quality St. Augustine lawn in the San Antonio area and is very organic. Good luck!

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