GE Silicone Sealant not drying

mary_or(8)June 1, 2008

I am working on a bowling ball, and it appears that my sealant is not drying. According to the directions on the tube, it should be tacky within 30 minutes and dry in 24. Well, it is only slightly tacky after 24. It is the kind that everyone is using for windows. Do any of you have this problem? Thanks for any advice you can give.


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Sometimes you get a bad tube that wont set up.....

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uglyoodie(z5 OH)

I only use GE Silicone II..there is a difference I think in that and the one for windows. If you can read it, it may say it stays flexible.

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I've never had a problem...I use only GEII

Be Safe, Rach

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Thanks everyone. I have a feeling it is an old or bad tube. I like all projects to go smoothly. :) Luckily, I had only just begun.

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I could only find the GE silicone for doors and windows and it set up in minutes, made three marble balls friday.

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lindasc: That is the kind I used, and I wish I could have been so lucky. I really wanted to have fun with this project this weekend. Oh, well. I will get a new tube tomorrow and let the fun begin.

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deborah1175(Athens Georgia)

Check the date on the tube before you buy it. Last time I checked at WalMart, EVERY tube of GE II was out of date.


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Bought a new tube, and it works perfectly. Happy for that. Thanks everyone again.

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Lately, I have had several times when GE silicone has not dried -'cured'. The day after applying, I can wipe the caulking out like toothpaste! I have used this silicone (probably 100 to 200+ tubes) for years, but something is wrong now. Even the hardware dealer is baffeled.
I called the 'help' number on the caulking tube and the lady I spoke with said perhaps it had overheated in my toolbox. She wanted to know the 'batch number' from the tubes, so I suspect they have been having others call in with the same problem. So, I bought a new tube and the same thing happened. This is VERY frustrating.
Please let me know if you learn anything, and I will do the same.

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I have looked for, but never seen an expiration date on a tube of this glue. The last tube I bought at Walmart was hard to squeeze out and came out kinda globby. It also didn't harden like it should. Then I bought one at Lowes and it's been OK.

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