first home with a lwan turning brown

iliketerrariumsJanuary 2, 2012

OK, bought a house with a front lawn. The lawn goes from the front wall of the home to the pavement where its elevated with a brick wall that keeps it level with the house. The lawns been looking great from the end of summer to the begining of fall, thats when it started turning brown towards the front end, the brown area starts at the brick wall, it extends from side to side and about 2 feet from the brick wall towards the house, the rest is still green but for some small patches of browm. I watered the lawn when my neighbors did theirs but theirs is still green but for some smaller patches of brown.(like mine) I would be thinking its just the fall if it wasn't for a majority of the other lawns looking really green! Maybe its just a case of "the grass is greener!" What say you?

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I am going to guess and say you have cool season grass (tall fescue) that is green with some warm season grass (maybe wild Bermuda) mixed in that is now going dormant and brown. See it all of the time. Look at the differences in the blades of grass and Google Bermuda and tall turf type fescue (TTTF) and see if this looks to be the case. If so what will naturally happen over time is the Bermuda will eventually take over the fescue.

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Where are you located? I agree with grassboro, but if you are in more northern lattitudes then zoysia would be more likely over bermuda. I live in CT and there are plenty of people that have zoysia patches, or even whole lawns up here that are currently light brown. Either way, you will have to kill the warm season grass if the patches bother you, and if that's the case, then pray that you have zoysia.

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"and if that's the case, then pray that you have zoysia"

Now that is funny!! I am still laughing. And the sad thing is, it is true.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Or it could be a mix of Kentucky bluegrass (going dormant in the winter) and fescue, which remains green.

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