What's wrong with my peace lily?

katieberitNovember 11, 2013

I bought this peace lily at Home Depot in May. It had beautiful flowers for a few months, then they died. Now, for the past few months, the leaves have been turning brown (sometimes crispy, sometimes not) and I pull or cut them off. Now it's down to hardly nothing. I want to help it, but not sure how. Any ideas? Thank you!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We need to know what kind of potting soil you use, what your watering habits are, if the container has drainage holes, and how much light the plant receives, It's not sitting under an air vent, is it?

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I used Miracle Grow potting mix. I water when I think of it. Maybe once a week? I read somewhere else that over-watering can cause problems. I have it in a room where it never gets direct sunlight. I thought the problem was that it was getting sunburned, so I moved it from a room that got very little sunlight, but maybe it was too much? Anyway, even after moving it into a less-sunny room, it still looks horrible. It's not under an air vent. The container does have drainage holes. Thanks!

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Too much water for these would mean keeping it under water. Allowing it to go dry for even one day makes the older leaves die a little. Do that for 2 days and it dies 2 littles. So far as lighting, in the home it should get some sun on the leaves. Otherwise you get big leaves but it never blooms.

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