Anyone ever use Greenview's 2 step program?

jubileej(6a)January 17, 2013

Has anyone signed on for Greenview's spring and fall lawn care program? If so, did you have any problems? Did you try their Seed Starter Fertilizer w Crabgrass Control? If so, how did that work out for you?

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Sorry, not familiar with them. My guess is that the seed and CG preventer fertilizer contains Siduron. Reviews of the effectiveness of Siduron are mixed and it is expensive.
Buying separate ammendments (fertilizer, pre-emergents) is less costly and will alow you more control with better results, sut sometimes buying a combo is just more convenient.

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Thanks, 1950 -
But the problem is combining winter dormant seeding with most pre-emergents. The combo product claims it will protect the seeds and get rid of weeds. (or, at least, crabgrass).

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The problem with siduron is that yes, it works about as well as any CG pre-emergent, but for a rather short period of time. The effectiveness of the product will be dependent on it being in place early enough to prevent CG and for it to then stay in effect long enough for the grass seed to germinate while retarding CG growth. Consequently, Siduron often requires repeated application to protect from CG until the grass seed germinates. That is why I suggested you look into buying it seperately from the fertilizer.

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