Yard Taken Over By Rust Like Spots

marleonJanuary 20, 2013

This summer we replaced all of the landscaping in our backyard. We just noticed ALL our plants have rusty yellow-brown spots on them. It's on our palm leaves, banana plants, birds of paradise, red sisters,crepe myrtles and everything! I just today also noticed it on the St Augustine grass.

I'm afraid we are going to lose all our plants. Does anyone know what this could be and best way to get rid of it and save the plants?

ANY help is appreciated!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!

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Sorry to say, but that's Rust fungus. Typically happens on stressed plants. This could be due to too much water, humidity, or low fertilizer. Lots of other reasons I'm sure, but typically stress related.

Depending on the size of your lawn, you may want to try Daconil or Fore. As for the plants, you might try Neem oil, I've had decent, but not perfect luck with it.

Personally, I'd recommend pulling them if you see no improvement - it's hard to do...

DO NOT compost anything that's infected or you'll just spread it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live?
What is your watering program (frequency and duration)?

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Thank you for the responses. I was afraid it's rust fungus. I'm in Tampa Bay Area. Zone 9. We haven't been watering regularly lately because its been wet enough here without it. It's been pretty wet and humidity has been high this winter.
Will definitely try the recommendations!

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andy10917(NY 6a)

I use a product called "Serenade" to keep things like Rust and Powdery Mildew under control when conditions are right for them. The same exact product is also sold as Bayer "Natria". It contains microbes that prey upon the pathogenic ("bad") fungus and mildews, without killing the beneficial fungi in the soil.

Serenade/Natria are better preventative treatments than they are curative treatments, though. You may want to use a fungicide to regain control, and then follow up with regular Serenade/Natria for a while to keep the Rust from returning.

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