flea like bugs! in my soil!

seanseansean(8b)November 12, 2007

i have a basil plant by my window and today i was milling around, mixing up the soil a bit and i discovered a bunch of little flea like bugs. they jumped out and kind of hopped around a bit. there were quite a few of them though. do i need to throw away my soil and cleanse the roots witha mild soapy solution?

:-\ im a college student and its my only plant, help me save it

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hornetwife(Flour Bluff Tx Z9)

Hello. I recently posted about the same thing. I think what you have are called Springtails and they won't hurt your plant. I think the advice was to water with a soapy water solution. Not antibacterial, but a mild soap. I did this and haven't seen any lately. If I am wrong, someone please correct me.
Good luck.

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