Water Requirements for Dormant Seeding

JHazzardB(OK Zone 7)January 13, 2012

Hello all! In mid-October I had decent success with the slit seeding of the fescue. In some areas it's still a little thin. So, naturally, I want more seed down.

Desire: Slit seed more TTTF asap to hit the ground running in spring.

Problem: Unusually warm winter so far. Oklahoma ~55-60 during the day and ~38-40 at night. NO snowfall.

Question: If I continue and slit-seed in late January or early Feb, would the current watering schedule cause premature germination? Would I have to cut water until warmer temps? If water is cut, I fear for he survival of my late-fall planted grass.

Thanks in advance! Let me know if I can clarify anything.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Unless the temp drops considerably, you aren't really dormant seeding.

You also shouldn't need to be watering fall planted grass in winter unless it is REALLY dry.

Just as a point of comparison - I seeded in December. We had some unseasonably warm temps this year as well. The grass seed germinated and is growing fine. No water. No special care. They call these "cool season" grasses for a reason.

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JHazzardB(OK Zone 7)

Well, the "new" grass that germinated it trying to hold strong. It still has never grown taller than 3 inches though. Probably already dormant. I just like to water because with the oklahoma wind, I'll have dry cracks in the ground after about 3 days. I've noticed that if I water sporadically through the winter, it helps prevent grand canyons from opening up in the yard.

It sounds like by saying I'm not "really dormant seeding", it should be okay to seed again? I just worry about getting the new grass started with temps between 50-30 degrees. Thanks billllll!

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JHazzardB(OK Zone 7)

Just wanted to give an update on the new grass I dormant seeded in spring. I'm not good with pictures but it's the set labeled Yard 2012. Grass is still a little flimsy and doesn't like to stand up but at least its green (for now).

Here is a link that might be useful: Yard update

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

Looks good, how many sq ft is that?

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What type of TTTF cultivars did you use in your overseeding - it looks great!!

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