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marricgardensNovember 3, 2013

I bought this one yesterday. At first I thought they had colored it for Halloween! Cute tho isn't it? Marg

This is my Swedish Ivy.

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Howdy Marg,

Is the Calthea the same you posted the other day or did you purchase a second?
Can't blame you if you did.. :)

Love your Swedish Ivy. It's so compact.
Looks pretty you know its age?

Has it flowered yet? Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That Calathea is a beaut!

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The calathea 'Eternal Flame' is the same one I bought the other day. I don't usually see them up here so was thrilled to see it. The Swedish Ivy is about 2 years old. I have 2 but the other one grew rather spindly and it looks rather messy. Years ago my mother had one and she started small ones for the myself and my 3 SIL. Mine flowered but theirs never did. Unfortunately when we moved to the city, I had to sell most of my plants. It broke my heart because the ivies were 5' long, nowhere in the new house to put it. I've looked for another one like it for years but never found one til now. Hopefully this one will flower soon. Marg

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Hey Rhizo!1

Marg...I've Never seen 'Eternal Flame' around here. Ever.

I enjoy Swedish Ivy..Nowadays, there's so many different colors, including variegated with fuzzy leaves.

Sad about leaving your plants behind..don't know what I'd do if that situation ever arose.
Probably stay where I am now. lol.

Were your Ivy's grown in or outdoor?
Do you know the Ivy type? What did it look like? Toni

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The only name I know it by is Swedish Ivy. The one my mother started for me was the same as the one I posted. I started this one from cuttings. I did grow a different one in a container outside, it was called plectranthus and described as a type of Swedish Ivy. I needed a plant for a really hot area and this one did wonderfully. I took cuttings from it and brought them in. Very easy to root. Here's a picture of the rooted cuttings. Marg

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Hi Marg,

I see you're in z5. I also bought a plant, hardy to z5, called Plectranthus. It goes dormant in winter. Wonder if we have the same Plect. :)

I'm a tad confused..Is the second plant you posted a Plect, too?
I love its silvery color. Beautiful.

Are leaves fuzzy?

Reminds me of my fuzzy, variegated Plect.
If yours is a Plect, they could be related since there are several varieties..colors are green, blue, 'actually silver like yours,' and variegated.

Here's a pic of my fuzzy.

Green with smooth foliage.

I have a third Plect, but don't know if it'll make it. Once again, many of my plants were outside too late this year.
Its leaves look horrible. We'll see.

Anyway, I really like your plant, Plect or not.
Did you say that plants requires heat? Toni

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I did some more searching and found out the name of the green Swedish ivy I have is Plectranthis australis. The second one, the grey one, I bought the seeds from Veseys, it's called P. Silver Shield. The leaves aren't as fuzzy as Lambs Ears, I think they are more soft and corky in texture. Did yours flower? The flowers make it look rather 'alien' to me. I have more pictures of it on my FB page. Marg

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Marg, I've had a FB account for years, but still can't figure it out. lol.

I clicked on the link you posted, clicked Photos, and saw 3 pictures of the plant that looks like yours.
So, is the larger plant yours, too?

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I never wanted to go on FB but once we started the market gardening business, DH put us on there. Most of the things I look at are the daylily pages. All the pictures of the plectranthus you saw are mine, just different pictures of the same plant. It did very well in the planter on the patio. It seemed to love the heat it was getting from the bricks and the patio stones.

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Funny you should mention, once we started the gardening business, your dh posted on FB.

I see 'follow us at FB and Twitter' all the time. What on earth is the reason? lol

For instance..One day I typed in the name of a succulent nursery I sometimes shop..Once my 'puter clicked on the page, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
I assumed by going to FB, there might be a discount on plants..but all I saw were a few entries.

Another thing I don't said your Plect likes heat. My Plects do awful when temps are 85F and higher, but do great when temps are low.

BTW, your Plecs are doing fantastic..Nice containers, too.

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