bermuda in tall fescue

charleshx(10b)January 4, 2014

I have a very heavy infestation in my tall fescue (Marathon 2) lawn. While it is nice and green in the summer, it becomes very unsightly in the winter (whatever still winter means in our area). what to do?
1. Is rye seeding a possibility? If so, how to do it?
2. Some years ago I heard about a spray to color the dry looking bermuda in the winter. Is is true?
3. Any other suggestions short of replacing the lawn.
Thank you.
We are near the ocean (2 blocks) in Southern Calif near San Clemente.

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A cocktail of Tenacity (mesotrione) + Triclopyr (turflon ester) + Acclaim (fenoxaprop-P) is reported by multiple university studies to be very effective at controlling Bermuda in TTTF. I'll be doing just this in spring.

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charleshx, I don't know your area very well, but you have four options. Embrace the bermuda, vigorously growing bermuda grass is very drought tolerant, suppresses weeds with it's dense growth habit,requires less water than the cool season grasses (fescue/rye) and best part of all you don't have to mow for a couple months during the winter. Fertilize with a total of two pounds of nitrogen per thousand sq.ft. mid-spring through late summer. Turf paint is an option, not all that expense for a small to mid sized lawn. Greenlawnger turf paint is a commonly used option. Over seed with rye or fescue (fescue is more drought tolerant but)in early fall at ten pounds per thousand sq. ft. Before you seed mow the turf a little shorter than normal to open up the turf canopy a little, then seed and water. Water wise you should set up your irrigation system to run a couple of minutes of water every hour between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. until the seed germinates. Over seeding does not address the bermuda issue it just masks the dormant turf during the winter. You will have to reseed every few years. The herbicide options mentioned above work very well, if you have a qualified individual to apply the products ,and you are ok with your lawn looking pretty bad for about four to six weeks weeks, and you still have to over seed. You must renovate if you want to effectively and efficiently get rid of the bermuda grass. Spray Roundup and Fusillade with three applications seven days apart. Wait seven more days then resodd. This method will buy you a few years of bermuda free turf. You will have to monitor your yard for bermuda grass, and once you develop a couple of small patches use turflon and acclaim to control it and then over seed those small spots.

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steilberg(6 lou,KY)

6 mill black plastic can stop all Bermuda growth in a confined area. BEFORE we tried black plastic the Bermuda will come back from runners up to 4 ft or more.

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