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hoyess(z5 ON Can)January 10, 2008

I was at a landscaping trade show today and was intrigued by a couple of companies selling compost pellets. This stuff is plant based, no manures or animal products, so would not have any nitrogen value but does it work to 1) amend the soil with humus and 2) provide good micro organisms. I have a two acre property with 1 acre of lawn and many large beds so although I compost I can't create enough compost myself for my gardens and you can't get bulk delivery of compost in our area. I was intrigued with the ability to put this stuff down on my lawn by broadcast spreader. Has anyone tried this stuff? Does it work. I'm thinking of doing this along with converting to an organic turf care program by the same company.



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Compost is mostly used to restore the bacterial balance of the soil and isn't really (as you noted) a food.

Once, if you have noticeable issues, sure. I'm guessing the pelletized is more expensive than the raw stuff, but the convenience could easily offset that for you.

I never bothered. Other people use compost once a year or more. We all seem to get good results.

General feeding, though, if you can get your hands on feed grains from a local mill, they're a lot cheaper than any company's organic offerings. They're also not difficult to handle with a broadcast spreader.

I pay $8 per 40 lb bag of Milorganite, or $9 for a 50 lb bag of soybean meal, or $4 for 50 lbs of cornmeal (this is corn country--cracked corn is even less). In American dollars.

Most "specialty" foods are a lot more expensive and don't do a better job. If the prices are competitive, by all means, do it!

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