Pitcher plant as a house plant?-

flower.baby(southern oregon)November 18, 2012

I posted this in the carnivorous plant forum but I thought I'd try here also since I harve questions about it being a houseplant.

I just got 2 pitcher plants, I'm not sure what the exact name is, but it is in a hanging basket, with all green leaves and the pitchers are redish on the top half and green on the bottom half. The mature pitchers are about 4 inches long (give or take an inch)

I was told that these plants like humidity, and also that I'm supposed to keep about a quarter inch of water in the pitchers at all times, and to keep the soil moist.

Also, when I brought them home, I noticed some black spots of mold/ mildew on the stems, leaves and pitchers. I wiped some of it off with a wet q-tip, then I called the store that I bought them from and they said they would give me a free bottle of silver solution spray to kill mold and mildew on plants. So I sprayed the plant and it seems to work.

My questions are:

How long do te pitchers last?

Do these plants produce pitchers year round?

How can I encourage it to veep producing pitchers as thenoldnones die?

I'm kind of worried about this plant because in the winter my house is not humid at all because of the heater. And it also gets pretty cold in the house at night.

Any suggestions?

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If this is your first carnivorous plant, you should probably go to The Carnivorous Plant FAQ on Sarracenia.com to get a ton of information about how to care for carnivorous plants in general and pitcher plants in particular. One big thing to know about carnivorous plants is that most of them DO NOT LIKE TAP WATER.
They prefer pure water that doesn't have any minerals in it. Rain water or snow will work, as will distilled water or reverse osmosis water if they don't have any added minerals (you can get a gallon of distilled water at most grocery stores for less than a dollar in a pinch).

There are several different types of pitcher plants, but my best guess is that you have a type from the genus Nepenthus (tropical pitcher plant) since that's what I've seen used in hanging baskets most often. It might help if you could post a photo of it to help people confirm its identity, or you could try googling for images of nepenthes to see if that looks like what you have.

Yes, carnivorous plants as a group are kind of fussy and not the easiest plants to grow, but you did the right thing by looking for info and I hope it works out for ya.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carnivorous Plant FAQ

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Oops, just noticed a typo. That was supposed to be "Nepenthes" not "nepenthus".

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