Golden Pothos with brown spots on leaves!

DearAmbellina(4 MN)November 19, 2013

I'm wondering what is causing this to happen on my Golden Pothos... I read that it might be caused by letting the root ball get dry? I do see some new leaves growing so that's good, but I'd like to remedy whatever is wrong with it.

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

ANother view

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

Should I perhaps spray it with a fungicide?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

No, don't.

Using a remedy BEFORE you've identified the problem is not a good policy. Rather like a shot in the dark.

You should pls. have a little patience & allow folks the time to answer your posts. Pls. give it a day or 2 at least.

In the meantime you could just remove the scarred leaves as I doubt that will go away.

Have you changed the mix or checked the condition of the roots yet?

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I agree with Pirate-Girl. Do not add fungicide or any other chemicals.

Most likely, the problem is dry air.

Allowing soil to dry too long causes brown leaves/tips, too, but the soil looks fairly wet.

Is the saucer that's filled with pebbles used for humidity? If so, the saucer should be a size larger. If not, forget it. :)


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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

I removed the scarred leaves and no, the soil was really dry in these pics when I took them today. I did water it after the pics.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Allowing it to dry well will help if it's an issue with rotting roots, but those spots in the top pic aren't what overwatering or too dry usually looks like. When Pothos gets too dry, entire leaves turn evenly yellow, starting with those nearest the roots. Some of the damage in the 2nd pic could be from rotting roots but impossible to say for sure from a pic. Just in case it is some type of fungus, try to keep the foliage dry when watering.

Pothos researchers at FL U say sudden drop in temps can cause spots like that. My (main) plant that didn't get brought inside seems to have suddenly developed these spots too since we've had a few colder nights in the midst of much warmer days. (There are some more interesting cuttings I've gotten in trade recently and I've lost interest in devoting space inside to the ubiquitous one. Curious at this point if it can survive winter here, so put it in the ground a few days ago. Last winters' experiment of whether it can go 4 months without a drink was successful, though my house isn't as dry as most during winter.)

Symptoms -
Leaves have scattered brown patches, usually located in the center of the leaf.

Control -
Low temperatures or abrupt change from very high temperatures to moderate temperatures can cause this discoloration, especially if plants are succulent and growing vigorously. Maintain even, warm temperatures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pothos production guide, UFL

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