Winterizing Bermuda

herbietJanuary 3, 2008

I hope that I have not waited too late to do this, but I'm curious what pre-emergent I should put down this winter. I live in North Alabama, Zone 7. Thanks for the help!

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Not too late at all, in fact too early to worry about. Look for a product conataining Deminsion and put the first application down aroundf the end of Feb or early March followed up with another application 6 to 8 weeks later.

Or find a product called AMAZE and apply one-time at the end of Feb or early March.

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It isn't too late for spring summer or spring weeds but it is way too late for winter weeds like poa and company.

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Thanks for the responses. Texas-weed, do you know if Lesco sells either Amaze or a product containing Deminsion?

Also, if it's not too much to ask, what type of product should I put down to prevent weeds? I know this is highly frowned upon, but I had ChemLawn spraying my front yard but now I want to get away from that and do it all myself, but I don't want all the weeds. I had a soil test done and found out the fertilizer I need, but don't know about weed preventers. Thanks!

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jjfrisco(8a TX)

The pre-emergent that you were asking about will prevent weeds, at least any that are started from seed.

I would start with a pre-emergent and then spray or pull other weeds as needed.

Also, the Bermuda FAQ is a good place to start for someone just starting out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bermuda FAQ

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Ooops. My question didn't come out correctly. I was referring to a product to put out during the spring/summer months.

I should add that my back yard is about 1/4 of an acre and my front is a little less than that.

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Herbeit, forgive my tardy response, hope you are still following the thread.

Lesco sells Dimension in all kinds of formulas with and without fertilizer. AMAZE is a trademark product of Green Light:
I prefer AMAZE because it last longer and controls more weeds than any other Pre-emergence on the market. It is expensive but one ap in spring and another in fall is all you need so in the long run it is less expensive. AMAZe is available at places like Home Depot and ACE Hardware seasonally, but I suggest just ordering direct for the website.

Behind that I believe Dimension is second best, your local Lesco dealer has it in stock. With Dimension you will want two Spring apps (6-to-8 weeks apart) and one Fall app.

For the winter annuals, you can use a Round-Up or one of the generics. Just make darn sure your Bermuda is dormant before applying. By dormant I mean no sign of any green sprigs down to ground level.

Hope that helps, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

all i ever do is RU the whole yard come about mid march. that pretty much kills everything and the bermuda is back greener and thicker than before. with 4 acres it is cost prohibitive to put down pre-em 2-3 times a year. for 60.00 i can get enough glyphosphate to do everythign plus have plenty left for once a month "weed eating" thru teh whole summer.

just don't treat the yard with RU more than once every few months at most. put it down again too soon after the first dose and you kill the bermuda. but a single dose at about 1-2 tsp per gallon(less if you don't have many weeds) will just make it go brown for a couple weeks until new growth starts.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Zikes! Roundup kills bermuda - I definitely wouldn't try that on my lawn. You might be able to give a low enough dose to just brown the bermuda and kill the weeds, but I wouldn't risk it when there are safer alternatives.

As for preemergents, they are basically all 99.99% effective, so go with whatever is cost effective. Just note how long each lasts and go with the cheapest one for the year.

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TX-Weed, thanks for the response. I see that greenlight has 4lb and 8lb bags. I have about 20,000 square feet of yard. That's going to be a lot of 8lb bags! Unless they have it in larger bags, I guess I'll go with Lesco stuff.

I think I will avoid spraying my entire yard with Round Up like someone posted above. Sounds a little to good to be true.


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jjfrisco(8a TX)

Herbiet - When do you plan on putting this out? Right now you are too late for your fall/winter application and too early for spring.

Zone 7 I would imagine you would be looking at a Mid March application, but would defer to someone who knows the zone better.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

bill, NOTHING kills bermuda in one dose in my area. an application of low dose RU over Bermuda is the most recomended spring tip by the state extension service and near about every master gardener in the area for people who do not mind chemicals. heck, the thickest part of my yard is the areas that get over sprayed when the crop dusters spray the fields next to me.

as i said before though, you have to use a low dose and do it only once after everything greens up if you go the RU route. spray too soon and you don't get enough of the weeds, too late and the weeds have already seeded. we start greening up here in early March, by mid april probably 7 out of 10 lawns are brown again due to RU or MSMA use. by a couple weeks later, all are lush and green again. my neighbor did mess his up, for some reason he put a double dose instead of a half dose of RU and it took 6 weeks for his lawn to grow back.

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herbiet, as long as the Bermuda is completely dormant using RU or generic will not hurt Bermuda one bit, it is very effective at controlling winter annuals. You just don't spray the whole yard, you spot spray where needed. It is not feasible to spray the whole yard. I use RU in the winter along with lots of pros and Ams, it works.

Amaze is expentive. However Deminsion is very good and available year round at Lesco. Good luck.

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