What fertilizer should I use?

RedMetal123January 3, 2013

Hi guys,

I got my soil testing done but the company didn't really give me any fertilizer recommendations. I have a lime truck coming in this week with 1 3/4 tons per acre.

I attached the results as a picture. Can you suggest a fertilizer for me? also, how long before seeding should I do it? I am seeding with a warm season grass mix.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

I don't do soil test interpretations on this site any more, but I'll give you a quick warning: the Clemson test is aimed at agriculture, and you should never apply 74 lbs/K of Lime on the surface of your lawn at once. Those values are for plowing it into the soil ("incorporating it"). The maximum to surface-apply at once is 50 lbs/K for standard dolomitic lime.

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In addition to what Andy said, the lime you should be using is Calcitic, which is used at a much lower rate than Dolomitic. Dolomitic is cheaper and usually what you find at most store, and what most landscapers use. Dolomitic will raise soil pH, but it will take longer than calcitic and it will cause a soil imbalance, which will give you a very tight soil.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Yes, call the lime truck and tell them you don't need them any more.

In addition to what andy and tiemco said, don't fertilize with anything until you have mowed the grass at least two times. Preferably do not fertilize until Memorial Day. If you fertilize too early you will waste the fertilizer and turn a fast growing lawn into a hypergrowth lawn.

If you want a much better, lawn oriented, soil test (too bad you did not ask first), spend another $20 and send a sample to Logan Labs in Ohio. But first, if you don't think that is a good use of your lawn hobby money, consider how much Andy already saved you. Look on the Internet for Andy's handle, Logan Labs, soil test, and morpheuspa. Those search terms will direct you to a forum where you get a very serious, free analysis of a Logan Labs soil test. The Logan Labs test will tell you about the micronutrients your soil needs as well as more specific information about the NPK it needs. That forum will also tell you where to order the micronutrients your lawn needs to tune it up.

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