Inspired by other glass birdbaths

lisa_neenah(5a)June 26, 2010

Right before leaving on errands this morning I saw Shadyswing's beautiful glass birdbath. Still thinking about it, I couldn't help but pick up this great ruby red plate at a garage sale. Some gorilla glue and an old lamp base I'd been keeping around later, I'm really pleased w. how it turned out, might be too shallow for birds, but I caught a butterfly on it this afternoon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruby red birdbath

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That red is just beautiful, and it definitely makes a great butterfly water dish. They will love it, as you've already found out.
So do I.

hugs, Karen

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Awesome !!!!!!!! Birds like shallow water - they can take baths then !

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kudzukween(8 MS)

What a gorgeous red plate...and it made a gorgeous birdbath, I love it!

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Kudzu, toomuchglass and Karen, Thank You! I usually lurk here, spending more time in the wintersowing forum, but I love the unique pieces I see her from this forum. I'm glad you like my red plate as much as I do. Makes my blue bottle collection pale in comparison. Just stepped outside again to take a look at it w. a smile on my fight.

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Oh Lisa, it's beautiful! I love the red, so rich, and so will the wildlings in your garden. Nicely done! Isn't it fun?!

I picked up some pieces today as well, and the next bb that I have in mind is likely to have a green glass base to it...I like what color can do! Thanks for sharing.

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I'm partial to green glass for gardens...but, boy, OH BOY, that ruby red plate just POPS for the butterflies! Birds or B'flies...they'll love it & it looks GRANd in your garden! Glad you posted a pic for us all! Jeanne S.

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Shadyswing, there you are, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing your name in print. I love your crystal clear totem bb, but I'm happy w. how the red brings out some of the red in the plants around it, and in a very bare patch too boot. Can't wait to see your next creation, you do really nice work. Here's to lurking hehe

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RED!!! Oh yes that rings my bell!

I've read that butterflies like to drink water that has dirt/sand in it. If it dries out, birds love to take dust baths. I've watched them flutter around in dry dirt. That might keep mosquitoes from moving in to lay eggs. I've been watching wasps drink out of some moist dirt by my pond. I'll bet you have a lot of visitors to that beautiful red garden jewel.

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Jeanne and Susie, I think I may have found my newest obsession :) I don't have a butterfly garden per se, but I've definitely focused on fragrant plants that butterflies and hummers (and of course bees) like. I think it's time to step it up a notch and grow some things that baby caterpillars would like.

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Marlene Kindred

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the red! And the butterflies will definitely love it....they prefer the shallow dishes and if you put a couple of stones or the like in it, they will like it even more! Great job....and welcome too!

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Beautiful for butterflies & probably hummers as they don't like much water either. The red is really beautiful & love the base part too. It's small enough I could probably use something like that in my garden. Glad it brings a smile to your face!! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Soo pretty!
I love both the plate and the lamp base. Good idea to use the lamp base.

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Glad you joined in, isn't it amazing all the creative people that are on this forum. I looked everywhere for red plates for my 4th of July totems, no look. That is the perfect accent for your garden, the base really makes it fit in well.

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Sunnyca -I wondred if hummers would be drawn to the plate (shallow vs. a feeder -- tried that a couple of years ago until I realized it was too much fuss and easier for me to just grow flowers that hummers liked), I would love to see more hummers this year, I didn't see many last.

Kathy, the funny thing about the base, I'm almost a compulsive purger, but I just couldn't ditch the base, I thought it was so pretty even though I had no plan to rewire the lamp. I'm so glad I didn't listen to the inner nag that said "Seriously, get rid of it already".

Frou, I'm convinced that if I were looking for it I never would have found it. I tried for an ecclectic blue bottle tree. Ecclectic turned into 3 unique bottles and the rest of them were from wine coolers, not the look I was really going for.

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