no mow grass

robitaillenancy1(zone 5)February 13, 2012

If you do a search on these words, no mow grass, you will find out what I am talking about.

This grass seed is supposed to produce grass that grows only to 6 inches and bends over, called Bent grass. It is supposed to need mowing about once a month. Sowing seed on a lawn means these seed will take over in three years.

It sounds too good to be true. Has anyone tried No Mow Grass? We have to buy a special type for Canada but with same results. It also takes less water and no fertilizer unless you want to mow more often.

One drawback is that in winter it goes brown.


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Billl(z7 nc)

Bent grass is what they use in northern putting greens on golf courses. It is highly invasive. It does not like to grow to 6" and then flop and will tend to develop all sorts of fungal problems. This is a very common grass that has been grown for decades and it nothing new or magical. People promoting it that way are just scammers.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Dude! Run away!! That website has scam written all over it. Take over in 3 years to fill in? Try 3 months. Billl said it was invasive - he was not kidding. When you look at a bag of fescue or Kentucky bluegrass seed there is something on the package called the Guaranteed Analysis. It shows the percentage of ingredients by weight of the materials. It shows seed, inert ingredients (like seed coatings), weed seed (like oxalis, black medic, etc.), and other crop (like bentgrass and bermuda). The grasses suggested in the NoMow website are all considered weeds. They are considered weeds because they are yellow instead of deep green and because they send up seed heads or flowers faster than the grass grows.

Furthermore there is plenty of lawn gibberish in the site. They say,

Is Your Lawn a Chemical Hungery Monster? You can tell if your lawn does poorly when you do nothing! A gorgeous lawn starts with healthy soil with microbes and plenty of life in every handful of dirt.

Most lawns can be improved naturally by adding microbes, mycilium and other beneficial micro-organisms. They in turn feed your grass giving it a lush hue and so thick not much else bothers it. With an adequet population of micro-organisms, your lawn will withstand heavy rains as well as drought periods better because the microbes continue feeding the plants long after the rains have stopped. They will also hold moisture in soil for much longer periods.

We have soil de-toxifing agents to use for reducing chemicals and black walnut toxins. We have a basic micro-organism solution that will give your lawn a fast, non-chemical boost. And we have a mineral complex to feed both the microbes and plants. A little of these go a long way so use sparingly.

Besides the misspelled words and poor grammar, most of that is selected gibberish.

I was going to give you a link to a professional's opinion on some of those grasses. I'm hesitant because my browser crashed twice when visiting that page. Anyway the professional's opinion is just about opposite from what the website says. For example the website claims that alpine fescue is good for hot dry areas. In nature alpine fescue is a weedy looking plant that is only found above the timberline on the world's highest mountains. Hot? Not! And there is no grass called supine bent. It is supine bluegrass. It also will not survive any heat at all. That bag is a bag of disappointment and failure.

They also sell corn gluten meal (sold as Weed n Feed). For $14.20 (incl shipping and handling) you get a pound of corn gluten meal. At a normal garden nursery for that price you would get 15 to 20 pounds of corn gluten meal. The kicker is that you need at least 40 pounds per 1,000 square feet for corn gluten meal before it has any effect. If you had a 2,000 square foot lawn you would need $1,136 worth of their product.

Yes run away. But if you are really horny for allure of no mo grass and buy the seed anyway, please write back and tell us of your experience with the grass and with the company.

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I have stayed out of this one until now but echo the last two post. This has FRAUD written all over it.

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I tried a couple grasses before I bought one that I am pleased with.

Grassology price and coverage was outrageous. The grass came up but didn't really take though I followed the instructions.

Cutting Edge Grass had about the same results though I planted it in a shady spot. The price to coverage was also out of my range to do a large area.

The NoMowGrass was the only one that hit the price for coverage to make it affordable, but I wasn't going to do the whole lawn until I saw how the grass looked and performed.
It is a much smaller seed than any other grass I have seen, so I guess that's why it covers such a large area.
It looked like little green hairs coming out of the ground when it came up and it came up as fast as the other 2 bu took a little longer to fill in. But once it did, it was thicker than the other grasses by far. Plus, it was the shortest of them. I didn't try any of the other products because my lawn doesn't need them.

This is why I went with the last grass, it simply does what it claims. RipOff? The cost for the coverage was affordable and does what it says, So Hardly a rip off, I would rather spend my time doing other things than in the hot sun mowing. The time and cost of mowing are worth the savings.

Here is a link that might be useful: No Mow Grass Lawn

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

Ill throw my 2c in but my experience might not work for your zone.
I have a mix of zoysia empire and bermuda princess77. I have to mow my lawn once a week or so because the bermudia gets tall, if I had the zoysia I would probably have to mow about once to twice a month or so.
I would also stay away from sites that advertise their grass as a labor savings deal. Look at the sites that advertise their grass by the color, thickness, water requirements, and disease resistant, buy from them.

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