Confessions and glass

Marlene KindredJune 18, 2010 name is Marlene and I am a totemholic. I've been a totemholic for two years now and my last totem making frenzy was a week ago.......

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I love these!! I have a bunch of glass waiting to be put together and plates to be broken for mosaics and---and--

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LOL, Marlene, love your confession! And ALL your totems.
You found some wonderful pieces to put together. I think the birdbath one is especially beautiful, tho its got tough competition with the little Angel one!

You sure make it hard with me trying to 'go on the wagon'
and stop tho! I love glass and love totems. But I figure having almost 20 is plenty, and went so far as to return a bunch of glass to GW (donate back I mean). I just kept a small amount to make 3 more. I keep saying I'm only going to do tiny 'Pot Totems' in the future....but then you show something like that fantastic birdbath!
I can't look to this Forum for support either, LOL, its full of enablers like you.

hugs, Karen

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Love the birdbath and totems! What a pretty blue vase in the totem with the bowls at the top and bottom. They are all very pretty! I'll never tire of seeing pictures that you totemholics post!

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So many great ideas!! Keep 'em coming --you do beautiful work! My very first totem is in progress....don't know how it will turn out, but I'm sure more will follow. All hail junk addiction!

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Too cute!! Love the red!

I've been so busy getting everything ready for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday that I haven't had time to "play" with any of my GW finds. Hopefully I can get back to it this week :)

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Beautiful work. Not sure which one I like best, but the red one really caught my eye.

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You are so funny, but I know what you mean. The bird bath totem turned out really great. They are all pretty cool. I try to only buy really special or really cheap glass pieces now. But then you've got to have the filler pieces to put them together. I did like Karen and even got rid of some, but they are slowing building back up. Oh well, it's good know we're not alone, thanks for the confession.

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