The 9-iron ninja attacked my yard

Boats3(9a - San Antonio)February 8, 2013

I am totally going to inundate you guys with questions; I love this forum.

Soooooo ... I have been fighting a two-year battle with annual ryegrass that my neighbor tossed in their yard (apparently in a windstorm, since half of it cropped up in my yard). Worse, I'm still finding clumps of poa, my mortal enemy.

Before abusing the search function here, I would religiously dig out the poa when I found them and toss some seed on the bare spot. Yeah, I know, I'm ashamed.

My 419 is aggressive enough that it still dominates the yard, but the biggest thing I didn't consider is backfilling the divots from the poa removal. Now my front yard is pretty healthy, already greening up nicely (it's Feb!!), but it looks like the psycho golfer comes at night and goes off on my lawn with a lob wedge.

That's annoying, from an purely aesthetic perspective, but the worst part is that I have to keep ye olde reel mower at 1.5" at the lowest to keep from scalping and getting the dreaded clip ripples.

Is spot filling with sand the best option to start the leveling process? I'm not ready to have a truck come dump five yards of paver on my lawn yet ... perhaps when I have more time to do it right.

I really want to be able to mow down to 1" ... I simply can't right now. Help!

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TW or dchall are best equiped to advise you on leveling bermuda grass. I can tell you that I have had good results using a divot mix (sand and seed - I keep a small bucket pre mixed in a cool, dry area in my garage) for those spots in my cool season grass.

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)

Thanks grass. Do you use paver base sand. That seems to be the preference.

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apundt-tx(8 SW Austin)

A few inches from the bottom of this page is a search box.
type in sand and search this forum.
Here is a good thread for starters.

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)

Thanks apundt. Appreciate the noob assist :)

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I think this weed killer is supposed to get rid of that weed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Image

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I will try to help you out here as best I can. Your question is a bit confusing but I think I have it sorted out.

To the Poa question it is too late to get to the heart of the problem preventing it from germinating, so premergence is out for that but still should be considered for what is coming.

As for the divots, just use sand (coarse builders or sharp sand) to fill the holes. I do not suggest seed because there is none to match 419. Cosmetically you can get one of the powdered dyes to mix with the sand like golf courses use.

Now here is where you lost me. Why cant you take the grass down to an inch or less? Is it because you let it get too high and your reel mower cannot take it down with an even cut? Or is it because the grade is to lumpy/bumpy and uneven?

If it is because of your grass being too high, sand is not going to fix it. To fix it you start right now assuming all chance of frost has passed. If you want to maintain at say 1-inch, you need to scalp it down to 1/2 inch now and rake up all the debris. It will look like he!! for a couple of weeks, but that is how you fix it.

If it is because the grade suks will talk later. Cannot fix that right now.

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)

Thanks Lou; I have a supply of Image in the garage :)

TW, not worried as much about cosmetics right now as I am overall health. I filled the divots with sharp sand. It is due to the divots that I am unable to keep the lawn low, not the grass height. I typically muscle it down to 1.25 and maintain at 1.5. Because the dips cause the wheels to drop, I can't go much lower than that. As for grade, that's a back yard issue that I haven't even started with yet.

Thank you not for the feedback!

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OK then , just use more sand in the divots to bring them up to level grade.

As for the annual Rye Grass, ignore it for now. With proper Bermuda grass maintenance and summer coming will take care of that problem.

As far as using Image on the Poa is fine if you already have some. I normally would not recommend using Image on Poa because of the expense of the product. Just about all of the post-emergence herbicides will kill POA fine and there are much less expensive ones out there. Image is more of a specialist to kill the very hard to kill Sedges.

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