Applying a Pre Emergent

l_w_davisFebruary 26, 2013

Sup, bros.

new user here. first post on this site/forum.

I'm sick of looking at my shoddy yard every single year, which is basically half weeds and half some kind of Bermuda grass.

I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas (wooo pig) and my bermuda is whatever kind all the new home builders use (my lawn is about 3+ years old (was sodded)

Im going to attempt to make my yard look like something this year, and from what ive read a Pre emergent herbicide is the step I should be on right now.

I think I'm far enough north that I can still apply it and it be effective.

I have a Scotts Standard broadcast spreader.

I went to Lowe's yesterday and found a Scotts Halts crabgrass granules pre emergent only bag that was about $15 bucks (and i figured that size bag would cover my yard for two applications per year - once now, one in the fall).

The main ingredient in that is Pendimethalin (1.71%)

Is this a good product to use in your opinion?

link to product page:

in reading the list of weeds on there and googling the images, i get virtually all of those i think at some poing in the year in my yard. so im praying this will keep a lot of it from growing.

Thoughts? Suggesstions?

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Find something with prodiamine or dithiopyr if you can. They'll last longer and give you a little more room for error. Go too early, and the product has lost effectiveness. Go to late and the weeds have already germinated.

You're pretty close to time in north arkansas. Look for the forsythia blooming. Then it's go time.

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recommendation for specific product?

at lowe's that was the only pre emergent (by itself) product that they had.

perhaps my local coop will have something different.

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Look for a John Deere Landscapes.

If you can't find one, Halts is better than nothing.

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