Bahia Grass removal

RB56(7A)February 26, 2013

I have bermuda grass lawn (over run with weeds)

one of the worst offenders is a section of my yard close to the driveway that has several different clumps of Bahia Grass.

you cannot mow this stuff low enough or weed eat it low enough to make it look right.

since i dont really have an infestation, would it be wise to just dig it up? it been there like 3+ years

and after i dig it up should i just buy a few pieces of sod and lay it down where the bahia grass was?

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Tried round up?

The Bermuda should fill in the dead spots.

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havent tried it, but wont it kill everything there?

and then i'll have hubcap sized dead spots that would take a long time to come back

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Yes, round up will kill everything it touches.

If you spray carefully, you won't have any bigger of a hole than if you dig up the Bahia. And with digging, you might miss a rhizome or 2 and it comes back.

I think you'd have a better chance with round up.

Bermuda, in its peak growing period, should fill that in within a couple weeks.

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Now that I've thought on this some more and looked at some more images, im not sure what i thougt was Bahiagrass isn't just crabgrass.

the two are somewhat similar, but i recall the culprit in my yard having the broader grasses fanning out from it.

if they dont come up after i put out my pre emergent then i guess it was actually crabgrass (just a very tough patch of crabgrass).

and the spots in questions are near the driveway/walkway which ive read is typical of crabgrass.

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Bahia isn't usually mistaken for crabgrass, but it is in the same family of grasses as dallisgrass, which is frequently mistaken for crabgrass. If you want to upload an image of the weed, I'm sure you'll have an ID on it very quickly. If it hasn't come out yet, try doing a google image search for "paspalum" and see if you can match it. Paspalum grasses such as broadleaf paspalum and dallisgrass are very difficult to control selectively, now that MSMA has been taken off the market. I spent some time doing field testing for a couple of companies a few years back, and there really isn't anything on the horizon that offers significant results.

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It could definitely be this Paspalum that you are talking about.

i am having to see the grass from memory, but that could easily be it.

and no, it hasnt popped up yet, but i can see the spots where it died for the year.

if it pops up and still give me problems then i will take a pic and upload it.

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