Help me with grass color matching

adam34996February 13, 2014

I did some patching last fall that came in lighter then the rest of my grass. I am not positive but I think I have Kentucky blue grass because it matches the color I looked up - I live in northeast Ohio zone 6.

I will be doing some overseeding/patching this spring and fall and I wanted to know what to look for when I buy seed. Do I need to buy a KBG mix? If not, what other types of grass is darker in color and will match.

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Pic of my lawn

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Nice looking yard.

If you have Kentucky bluegrass you should never have to reseed. Why? Because KBG is one of the 'sod forming' grasses which spreads out to fill thin spots. The other kind of grass is bunch grasses. Those grow in tufts that sit there, more or less. They expand, but they don't spread nearly like sod forming grasses do.

If you do have thin spots, then you likely have one of the varieties of fescue. Those should be reseeded in the fall, not spring. You can do it in the spring but there are problems with crabgrass and with the new grass dying from heat stress in the summer.

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