Weeds with purple flowers

gregnga(7)February 29, 2008

My Bermuda is still dormant and I am getting these weeds with purple flowers on them. Everyone else in my subdivision is getting them too. What are they and how to get rid of them?

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I don't know what they are, but if your Bermuda is still completely dormant, just spray the weeds with roundup....that will take care of whatever it is. Just make sure there is no signs of green on your Bermuda first...mine has already started to break dormancy here in NC.

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Sounds like they could be Violets, especially if it's widespread. They're fairly easy to hand pull, but where there's one, there's usually one hundred, and if you don't get it all, it will easily grow back. See if you can pull one from a flower bed, where the soil will be looser. It should look like a miniature Iris bulb, or a very mini-sweet potato with numerous tendrils extending out from it. If it doesn't have this "bulb" root system, then it's probably not a violet, and IMO, that's a good thing.

I've tried weed-b-gon (gone?) with limited success. I think it requires repeated (more than 2) applications. Round-up (RU)is probably what's needed. You may want to think about watering the area first before applying the RU - this encourages the weed to start growing and absorbing what it thinks will be water / nutrients. Even then you may need another dose of RU in a week or two.

Good luck - I'm looking forward to my annual Violet Battle(s) in the next few months.


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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

even if your bermuda is greening up you can spray it with RU. I use generic Glyphosphate i order from Ebay, costs 1/3 or LESS of the RU brand and is the same thing. any bermuda that is greening up will brown off, but come back stronger than before. i mix mine between 1-2 oz of glyphosphate per gallon of water, for areas covered with dandelions and clover i use 2 oz, for general weeds i use between 1 and 1.5. my lawn was a carpet of green weeds 2 weeks ago, right now it is more brown than green and by 2 more weeks it will be full green pure bermuda.

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Your weed with purple flowers is most likely Henbit. Above is good advice for now but the best way to control it is with pre-emergent in mid September and mid February.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henbit

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You are exactly right, that is what it is Henbit

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In my area (western Oklahoma) it is too late for Roundup becuase the bermuda is greening at ground level but you may get away with useing it in your area if you act fast. A good post emergent broadleaf weed killer will work when daytime temperatures stay above 70 degrees but it can take up to 3 applications 7-10 days apart to kill it, it's tough stuff to kill. As I previously mentioned, pre-emergent herbicide is the most effective control for it.

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I am seeing purple deadnettle here in NC - pics and info below

I had previously declared war on these buggers as they were getting into everything including my flox. The more roundup I used the stronger they came in the follwing year! I think I killed all of the competing weeds and allowed them to thrive that much more.

After reading about their herbal and medicinal values I have declared a temporary truce, and will allow them to grow on the outskirts of my veggie garden, but they must be removed from the lawn :+) Still looking for answers on that!

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That is for sure henbit. Try a little 2-4D on it. it is a broad leaf killer, it will not bother the grass.

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It is henbit and not much to really worry about as it will die off after being mowed a few times and after the Bermuda grass gets growing. If you want you can treat with 2-4-D as it is very effective against henbit, but not really needed. Just enjoy the color for now

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My purple weed is not henbit, purple vetch, violets or like anything we have ever seen here in Georgia before. This is a purple ground covering plant coming up in a short 4 sided stem with a cluster of tiny heart shaped leaves and clusters of tiny lavender flowers that remind me of snapdragons.

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My Wife loves em. I hate em. They 1st appeared after hurricane Ivan hit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Al. Sept 16 2004. Weed killers bead off of them even when combined with soapy water, no effect. I have to take my long heavy pry bar hefting it into the air and lancing it into the sandy soil then pry up on the weed. It then comes free from the soil with roots 70% of the time. The link Purple Flower Weed below is what happens in the neighbors untended lot. Aargh! Any Advice?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Could it be Herb Robert aka Stinky Bob?

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Sounds like it might be creeping charlie. If it is good luck I can't get rid of it.

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