Pasteurized Soil

october17(5chgo)November 22, 2008

My mother had complained that she was allergic to some sans I have. But after posting that question, and reading the responses here, I too think it's probably mold or something in the soil.

What do you all think if I cook the soil in the oven first, I think I've heard it called "pasteurized". Do you think that will help any? Gosh, I guess if I have to, I could do that annually or even twice a year!

I'd appreciate your opinions on this! Thanks.

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Hi, there's no guarantee that it would neutralize the offending chemical (or that it wouldn't). BTW, I think you mean sterilize, not pasteurize (that's what they do to milk :-).

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Lucy is right - it's sterilize.
You could try it in the oven, but if you do you'll never have to worry about your mother visiting again any time soon. Or anyone else, for that matter.
Baking soil in the oven will make your house stink to high heaven. The smell will permeate everything (including your walls and furniture) for weeks. I've heard many stories - most not too good. lol.

Why not just get rid of the old and replace with new? Or try putting it in a strainer in the sink and running boiling water through it. Without the plant, of course. You'll lose any 'good' soil bacteria, but might be worth it to get rid of anything bad.

Lots of choices, so whatever works best for you, go for it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Actually, not that is matters all that much, pasteurization IS the correct word for what is done to soil. It's simply a process during which potting soil, or milk, or food, is subjected to high heat for short periods of time. How high and how long depends upon the target organisms as well as the material needing the treatment.

If you've used a good bagged potting medium, it will have already been 'pre-sterilized' (pasteurized) before bagging. Sometimes, however, the packaging is torn or punctured, making it very easy for spores or other stuff to get inside.

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