does "no mow" grass really work?

olderandwiser(6)February 15, 2014

I saw it mentioned in "Best of Farm Show"; it's Pearl's Premium and is recommended where the grass cover does not need a manicured look. If cut once a month, it will be about 3-4" tall.

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The shade mix is a mix of fine leaf fescues that you could maybe get away with mowing once a month and not have large amounts of clippings. The fine fescues will just lay over once they get to a certain height. This a typical mix for a highly shaded yard in the northeast. The sun mix is mainly kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues by weight, with perennial ryegrass and tall fescue thrown in for quicker cover. This is also a typical mix for the northeast. I think in the spring and the fall you will have to mow once a week if you don't want a yard full of clippings. The kbg and fine fescue will go dormant, provided you don't irrigate or get any significant rain fall, so you might be able to only once every three weeks. If you read Pearl's instructions for their low maintenance lawn it includes surface raking?, keep pH between 6 and 7, aerate, fertilize, water 1" per week, mow, overseed, pre emergent herbicide, and dethatch. Sounds like typical maintenance to me. This seed is also extremely expensive almost twice as much as similar products from Scotts and Pennington.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live? Zone 6 covers a lot of ground with different climates and soils.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I've got the no mow in my back yard from Prairie Nursery and I like it.

I mow it about once a month in April/May/June and then don't need to mow again until Oct. That does vary depending upon how hot and moist it's been.

My sister has it also and only mows it once a year....

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I got My NoMowGrass from
I love how short it is!!
I planted over the old grasses and I did a bare soil planting near the farm house.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Ultra Lowest Maintenance Lawn

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