Want To Plug a Lawn

texas-weed(7A)February 20, 2013

I see this subject coming up a lot, and I know a way to make it easy. Save your back, spend $50 and buy a tool made to do the job.

Watch this VIDEO as it is self explanatory.

When planting your plugs have a bucket with a 50/50 mix of sand and compost with a 1/4 cup of starter fertilizer. Put a little in the bottom of the planting hole, plant the plug, a handful of the mix on top, and then step on it. Water in when done.

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First post on this site and I saw Texas weed post and want To tell everyone on this site that Texas weed author of Bermuda bible is the man.i read the Bermuda bible and followed it to the tee and my yard is starting to finally come around.thank you so much Texas weed.I picked a perfect day for my first post.also I was reading some other post on saw some other people who belong to bl.and want to say hello guys.i was going to talk about pre emergent and soil temp but I will do it when my soil temp hits 50 degrees.texas weed my name on bl is tomb because that is what my yard looked like,until I read your Bermuda bible.

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Good video and Good price; I've always recommended bulb planters, which are often more expensive and don't have the storage tube to allow for the repetitive motion for a faster job. I'll have to forward people to this product in the future.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Cool. I just have to find a lawn with Zorro or Palisades zoysia to steal from.

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Lou pay your kid and go out at night. If he gets caught, no jail time or record. You get caught you get jail time and a record plus loose a lot of money.

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