Baltimore sedge source?

donnaroyston(z7a VA)February 8, 2013

I read Brooklyn Botanic Garden's little book, Easy Lawns (the pertinent chapter is online, "Sedge Lawns" at, which was written in 1999--which is to say, the list of sources for the plants they mention needs updating.

Re Carex senta, the chapter says:

Discovered originally by Briar Hoffman growing in the lawn of a church in Towson, Maryland, Baltimore sedge is one of the best low-growing, lawn-forming sedges for deep shade. Treat this sedge as you would C. texensis. Plant plugs 6 to 8 inches on center. Like all sedges, plugs of Baltimore sedge planted in spring or fall will establish quickly.

I'm interested in giving this sedge a trial, but I can't find any sources for Carex senta. Is it available anywhere, to anyone's knowledge?



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Here is one source:

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I live near Towson.
I would never, never, never , plant any sedge on my property.
I live to keep it off, which can be a pain.
If you can give me the address of the church I will even go to get you some pictures.

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donnaroyston(z7a VA)

Haha, wish I knew--the chapter doesn't name the church, unfortunately.

But see, grass won't grow in some places, I have a shady property. Under some of my trees my choice is either bare soil/mulch or something non-grass. Baltimore sedge likes the shade, unlike grass -- therefore my interest in trying it out. Green sedge seems preferable to brown mud. Another option is to plant a groundcover, but not much will grow under trees with a heavy shade, and I'm looking for other options besides liriope and pachysandra terminalis. Christmas ferns would grow there, and I planted some a couple years ago -- but the scourge of the ignorant lawn guys who don't know squat weed-whacked them out of existence.

What's your grudge against sedge? I have some very handsome ornamental ones. Not suitable as a grass substitutes, these ones, however.

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