Bermuda lawn-need help with late winter weed control (Henbit)

RB56(7A)February 23, 2014

hey guys. im in fayetteville AR (7A)

my bermuda hybrid is obv dormant right now so any weeds that come up are going to show pretty badly.

I am starting to get a pretty good henbit problem (among other things) now that we've had a couple of warmish weekends.

recommend a good product that I can spot treat that won't hurt my upcoming bermuda serveral weeks down the road?

also, anyone have luck with vinegar/salt/detergent mixes for weed control? any concerns in using that in a lawn when it's dormant and the when it's green?


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check that, i bleieve it is actually dead nettle

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I don't know about Bermuda specifically, but I just hit a lot of deadnettle with Trimec this week. Has worked for me in the past.

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The southern formulations of Trimec or Speedzone.

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If the Bermuda is still fully dormant, you can use Round Up. But only if the Bermuda is fully dormant. If you went into the deep freeze yesterday or today, you should be OK

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yeah we've had very cold temps for the last 3 days. unfortunately the yard is covered with sleet and snow right now, so i'll have to wait for a melt off to do anything.

what kind of time frame would I need to have for using RoundUp before my Bermuda starts coming out of dormancy?

Also, i have infestations of different weeds everywhere in my yard.

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