Saving the Hell Strip!

Boats3(9a - San Antonio)February 6, 2013

GW gurus, definitely a yardophile, but just found this forum a week or so ago ... glad I did; I think I may addicted to searching in this forum.

Wanted opinions on maintaining the Hell Strip. I have 419 that is nice and thick and healthy when it greens up, but the builders (house was built in 2007) laid the sod on top of base dirt that was already at the level of the sidewalk/curb. So now it looks like I have been top dressing for 50 years or so. I keep it edged, but as it gets closer to the driveway, it surges up to about 3" tall because the dirt underneath is so high.

Any way to "undress" it? I'd really like to have a level strip.


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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I suppose you could rent core aerating machine and remove the cores and put cores somewhere, perhaps in the low spot?

Either that or rent sod cutter and level it out and put sod back. The question is.. what to do with excess dirt?

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)

Thanks lou, I'm actually trying to get the high part back down to level with the sidewalk/curb. It looks like I have 4" bermuda near the driveway!! The OCD in me is going crazy, lol

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

LOL! If you can find a power rake, slit seeder, or any tool with vertical cutting blades (for rent), you can adjust it to dig down 1/4 inch and loosen the soil. Then sweep out what you don't want. This will chop up your 419, too. You might want to wait until June when the 419 is growing great and all the weeds in the area will be too heat stressed to fill in. The 419 loves to be chopped up. Makes it come back thicker.

I assume you have found the Bermuda Bible online and memorized it. If not, go looking for it.

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)

Hehe, haven't memorized it yet. I have a copy taped to my windshield though, lol. Thanks for the cutting suggestion, that never would have occurred to me!

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