Winter Overseeding

wxman81February 26, 2008

I'm planning on winter overseeding Thursday over about 12-18 inches of snow. Its supposed to snow again Thursday night so my thoughts are that it will cover the seeds to keep them from blowing away. As the snow starts melting over the next month it will work its way into the ground and hopefully germinate with minimal effort.

The area I'm overseeding isn't really a part of the lawn I care about too much. It basically extends from a tree line back to the train tracks which mark the end of my property. It gets plenty of shade in the summer so I just bought a sun/shade mix from a box store. Only reason I'm overseeding it is to hopefully get rid of some bare patches from a really old lawn (probably 30+ years since last overseeding).

Hoping I get at least 50% of the seeds to germinate. Would look much better. Anyone have luck with winter overseeding?

By the way, I am itching for this snow to melt so I can see how my penncross creeping bentgrass backyard comes back this year. I'm so anxious for that :) :) :)

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I remember you from last year... You have a beautiful bentgrass lawn. As soon as the snow melts, take some pictures and post them here. I'd like to see how it did over the winter months.

As far as the overseeding, simple, if you don't mind losing some seeds for the benefit of new grass seedling - do it. The seeds you have now are not doing to germinate in your bucket/bag. I've never done any Snow overseeding, but by the way you are describing it sounds like is going to work. I've winter overseeding with great success, but no snow on the ground. I usally wait until late November or early December to put the seed down. I know by then the soil temperatures will be too cold for seed to germinate.

Anyway, good luck and don't forget to post those pictures. And one last thing, you have a green thump, so go out there and spread some seed.

Take care,


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Hopefully the snow starts to go in the next few weeks. Been constant snowcover here since December 1st. I will post pics of the bentgrass lawn immediately after the snow is gone, and then keep posting the greening up throughout spring :)

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garycinchicago(Z5 Chicago IL.)

I'm planning on winter overseeding Thursday over about 12-18 inches of snow

Your spreader must have some VERY large tires !!!

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Threw down the seed today. Expecting 2-4" of snow tonight so that should form a nice sandwich so the seed can't blow away. When melting starts (next week hopefully), it will slowly work its way down to the soil and then germinate.... (I hope).

30% Perennial Ryegrass
20% Kentucky Bluegrass
30% Creeping Red Fescue
20% Chewings Fescue

Here are some pics.

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Wxman81, your posting got me outside this morning! I was going to dormant seed in December, but the winter snows came before I had a chance to spot seed some poorly covered KGB areas. I did a KGB elite renovation last year. One side of my house has a strip of about 45 x 10 that KGB wouldn't grow in due to the shade of the house. This morning I went outside with my hand seeder and threw down some "shade" seed on this area. I wish I had done this yesterday to get it down before the snow, but I'm hoping that my house will block the wind. I walked on it, which should help hold some seed, but even if we get 40% of these little seeds sprouting it's a win!

I'm all ready with my Tupersan to spray the areas I'm seeding to prevent crabgrass. It's getting exciting, even through I'm looking outside to at least a 4-6" snow cover.

Thanks for putting up this post, great idea!

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