Variegated monstera...not a problem exactly

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)November 3, 2011

I have this plant that I received early this summer. It's a nice plant. My question is how do I get it to put on leaves full of variegation? The leaves that it puts out are ALL white and tiny. I like it but I like good variegation more. Any green in the leaves is very faint almost white. It didn't do much all summer and it lost all the white leaves it had. It's difficult to keep that way I way to make food! I thought maybe I had it in too high of light so I moved it when it came in the house to a lower light situation. Not too much lower though. I know that variegated leaves need more light. It's now putting out a leaf and it looks to be all white. What can I do to make it have some good green in the leaves. Is it just the genetics. It has two lowest leaves still with exactly what I want in terms of looks.

Any ideas? Kyle

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Hi Kyle. Actually an all white Monstera sounds nice. lol.

How much sun is it getting? Which direction is it facing?

Philos, variegated or green, do well in bright indirect light.

Options are:

Hot temps
Lack of Nitrogen
Nutrient Definciency

How hot does the room get?
Do you fertlize and if so, what are the numbers?
Does your fertilizer contain nutrients
Have you checked soil pH?


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Toni- Don't get me wrong it is very attractive all white! I just like a more variegated look. When it's all white the slightest "wrong" to it and it starts to brown and then the leaf is a goner!

Hmmm....that's a lot to ponder, lol. Well it is currently by a south window, not directly in it. I didn't want it to burn on account of too much light. I think it's about two feet away. Our house is ruffly 68 to 70 degrees on a given day and night. I put it into some MG mix about two months ago. I also havnt really fertilized it beyond that. Should I give it some being fall/winter? idea. I have a monsterous all green one by it that is flourishing. Its putting out new leaves and it's my favorite plant. The perforation on the leaves is extraordinary!!!!!!! The largest leaf is like 3feet by 3 feet......oh is it beautiful! How would I check the pH? Kyle

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The variegation is unstable and some times branches revert to all green or all white. Does the base of the plant have more green in the leaves? If so, I would cut it back to that point. Your plant can not make any "food" without green, chlorophyll producing cells in it and will eventually die off.

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Kyle, wish you had a pic of your plant. All white, Monstera.

Most people want their plants to have more

Your question is difficult to answer. Variegated plants need brighter light so leaves don't revert to green.

Monsteras are hardy. You can always experiment with light.
I don't ferilize this time of year, but if you decide to, add 1/4 dossage, higher in Nitrogen. Ex. 4-1-1

1 Tbsb to a gallon of Epsom Salts might help green it up.

What's the weather like your way?? Warm, cold, sunny cloudy?

It's said variegated plants are difficult.
My dh once bought an African Violet with pure-white leaves. He took it to work and placed in an unobstructed east window.
That plant lived 2-3 years, even flowered.
It was doing great until his work-placed moved. Lower light conditions, warmer temps. Bang, it died.

Keep us posted, Kyle, and if you have a photo, please post.
Its leaf is huge!!! Toni

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