Had to get it!

birdsnbloomsNovember 7, 2011

I KNOW my house is filled, but last night we stopped at HD.

This plant, whatever it might be, was sitting solo, totally rootbound, in very very dry soil.

By chance, does anyone know what it is? The tag says, 'Fancy Plant, House Plant,' lol.

Price was marked down from 14.96 to 5.00.

Any ideas? Thanks, Toni


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Hi....I don't know what this tree is but the leaves are very nice...I love those clearence pricing...good deal, I am sure someone will know what this plant is.....
at first I thought citrus, so if you rub a leaf does it smell citrus, like lemon or lime(I have a grapefruit tree its not that) good luck...very nice tree.....linda

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I'm thinking cinnamon.

On a related topic, a local garden center recently received a shipment of Medinilla magnifica, just starting to flower. It took me a week to convince myself to pay the sticker price, but yeah, I had to.

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Hi Toni

Im definitely thinking Canela. Its in the cinnamon family I think. I'm not sure if the bark is fragrant like the "real cinnamon". Definitely a nice plant. I love that it's a single trunk and not that braided crap. Ooooo.... I can't stand that! Glad you grabbed it; it's one I would've grabbed. I passed some up a while ago....doh! Truly a nice plant. I believe they are evergreen so that's a plus. I think they also respond to pruning well also. I think you can treat them like a ficus standard in terms of culture. Kyle

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Nice bargain, Toni! I have admired the very same plant at my HD, didn't know what it was, but liked it, something different from the usual selection. Best of luck with it!


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Found a thread on another board about a similar looking tree from a big box store that suggests the ID Cinnamomum kotoense:


Here is a link that might be useful: Thread

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You guys are good. It's Cinnamon.

Unfortunately, I once had a small Cinnamon, don't know which variety,' that lived about a month. lol.

After Googling Cinnamon, viewing pictures, you all got it right.
Then I searched info. The first link was Dave's Garden. Someone who started the thread about their Cinnamon was having problems, as were others. lol.

Everyone suggests sun..Something IL is lacking. It's 9:11 A.M but looks more like 9:11 P.M.
Thick, dark clouds and pouring rain. Definately autumn weather.

HD seldom has rare plants. They finally get something different, w/o a name, and it turns out being a definate green house plant. LOL.

Cinnamon is very pretty, and I dread sounding pessimistic but doubt it'll survive. If the tag had a name I'd have passed it up. Even at $5.00.

Anyway, thanks for all your help.

Linda, wish it was Citrus.. :) Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Canela (Cinnamomum kotoense) isn't all that rare, Toni. It's related to the Cinnamomum species used as the spice, but isn't the same thing. As far as I can tell, it's becoming fairly common in the trade.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have better luck with this one. Someone posted in another forum some scale insects on theirs, so be watchful.

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You had to get it alright! lol

At least with this one, you can cut it back as short as you want and not worry about storing in a cold garage if it gets too big.lol

Now where will you put that one? You know that soon you will have no room for the DH to live there, right? How in the world did you conince him to let you get another?lol

Beautiful Toni and great deal! I see many tropicals at HD that say 'Tropical" and that's it. Great.


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Hi Toni....
I was guessing here, I seen the big shiny waxy looking leaves and it made me think of my grapefruit tree...
but cinnamon, great I have never seen one...great deal
good growing.....linda

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Not bad for $5 Toni! :)

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Hi Rhizo. Canela might not be rare there, but it is here. Our HD's, big box stores, grocery stores mainly sell the same, old, basic plants, Pothos being number 1.
Even the one Canela I killed came from an online nursery in another state.

I checked for insects, didn't see any, but now that you mention it, I'll do a better job. Thanks for the warning.
Our HD is notorius selling trees with Scale. Especially Ficus benji. Smaller plants tend to have Mealy.

Thing is, the employees/managers don't care. They figure an unsuspecting customer will buy a buggy tree, it'll die, then the customer will buy another.

Mike, it can sit on dh's head, lol. It'd be a little difficult getting in his car to go to work, but he'll figure it out. lol He's an Engineer.

Prune! If it lives. There's no sun to speak of...needs full/direct sun. Gotta move down south..lol.

Mike I honestly don't know what I was thinking. You know how it goes. You walk in a store, browse plants, then a rarity is staring you in the face. At 5.00!
Thank God this house has several windows..no room, but windows. lol.

My dream is to win the lottery, move somewhere warmer, and design my own home..Built-in Solarium priority. An attached GH on the other side. lol

Mike the label didn't say Tropical, it said House Plant..lol

Linda, I WISH it was Citrus. I can grow Citrus. W/the leaves, flowers and fruit, it'd be one beauty.
Wonder if Cinnamon sticks grow off the stems..lol. j/k, Toni

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GrowHappy..Hello!!! Sorry, didn't see your name until I checked email..How've you been?

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

:))) Hi Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
I'm good, still growing tons of AVs. I just recently got another houseplant- a dieffenbachia. Feels nice to actually have a HP again.:) I used to have many of those until I sold them all a few years back to earn money for my new passion: african violets. That was the start of the insanity. I now have a plant room, with shelves full of AVs under fluoros. If I'm not careful, my HP obsession could start again. You know Derek would have a fit!!!!!!!!!

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Howdy Grow. I remember you saying you were going to rid some of your house plants, but not ALL!!! Even that beautiful, Philodendron, Pink Princess?? WOW!!!

What about Streps, Episcias and Streps? sp..
Did you give these up too? Oh Lord, Girl, lol.. How many AV's do you have?
There is ONE I plan on getting..Happy Harold. Ever see it?

Well, I know most men, and if Derek is like most men, he too will have a fit. lol.

Hope you're well..Toni

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