Trying again to post pix of faux stained glass

mmebradyJune 22, 2010

I've lost track of how many times I've tried this, but I think I have one small I go again!

Image link:

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sigh....I could only figure out how to post one at a time, so if you're interested, the rest are in my album.

Here is a link that might be useful: faux stained glass & other junk

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Have you used that outside? I used it on garage window for my mom & it has held up fine but it doesn't get any sun & door goes out to covered patio. If it is Gallery Glass Paint I think it said no direct sun(or rain, snow etc) I do remember someone made a huge shower door or something like that covered with florals but I think it was in corner of porch that was covered. It was about 1 yr ago, shortly after I came on. Nice work, thanks for showing! Jan

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I need to seal them, but I'm not sure with what. It is gallery glass. Not sure how exactly to solve that problem yet, but that's half the fun! My first attempt to attach a chain without drilling didn't go well, so that's another'll get there!

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I really enjoyed your album, so many neat things.
Nice job on all. The stained glass looks like fun to try,
and you've made me want to add it to my Too Long To Do List. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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I never tried the faux stained glass but it sure looks like fun! I hope it ends up working out for you in the garden. Lots of colorful and fun designs. I like your "plant" bed too. It's a nice funky blue. It goes well with your cool tie dye ladder. Keep us posted on how well the faux stained glass holds up.

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The planted flower bed will look wonderful with the white iris and the red flowers.....

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Those are really cute, I like the funky retro feel they have. I did alot of gallery glass years ago. I only have one piece left. They will fade to clear in no time, given the least little bit of sun. So I suggest a real shady place. Great job, I like the patriotic ones.

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there's some fun stuff out in the garden.
I had a desk just like that one out there, in later years of grade school.
the first ones we had were the kind the top wouldn't lift up.
they had legs more like a treadle sewing machine
with fancy black cast iron legs...geez, I'm aged.

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