A new plant for my "want" list: Griffinia!

summersunlight(5b)November 24, 2012

I had never heard of this plant before today but now that I know it exists I totally want one: Griffinia, a relative of Amaryllis/clivia that has blue/lilac blooms and apparently can be grown indoors!. Now I really wanna try growing Griffinia liboniana (which also has spots on its leaves).

Anyone here have experience growing Griffinia indoors?

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Hi Summer....What a pretty plant.

Wonder if flowers are true blue or purple?

I've never heard or seen this bulb, but you can probably find one at an online bulb nursery.

I can't recall the names of nurseries that sell various and BEAUTIFUL bulb plants..I believe a few were mentioned on C&S Forum.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Now , is it a different plant or simply one thats been renamed...

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From what I have read, I believe that it is fairly new to cultivation and not just an old plant that has been renamed. Apparently it is VERY endangered in the wild. Hopefully it will become widespread in cultivation so the genus won't be lost forever even if the wild ones are wiped out.

The flowers are described as violet and lilac in some places so I'm not sure if they are true blue...but even if it's not true blue, it's still very lovely.

I have all the "common" houseplants I want, so at times I've wondered if I was close to getting bored with collecting plants. But every time I start to think that, I find out about something new that piques my interest like this. It looks like the nursery at http://www.telosrarebulbs.com/ is propagating Griffinia but they don't seem to be selling it right now. I am hoping that by next spring they will have some for sale again.

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Griffinias aren't difficult to grow and can be found pretty inexpensively. They're very pretty but small. I believe that I got mine from Gardino's a few years ago. The really nice blue amaryllis is the Worsleya. I've rarely seen it offered, it's terribly expensive and I think more difficult to grow though I don't know anyone that has one to ask.

Here is a link that might be useful: Worsleya

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Small can be a good thing when you already have a lot of plants and have limited space for new ones. :)
Looks like Gardino's is currently sold out of Griffinia but I will check in the spring. Thanks for the tip there.
I have never seen the Worsleya before either. That's a stunning flower!

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I agree, the flower is beautiful, but there's something about light or dark, true blue flowers.

Many African Violets are deemed blue but really purple.
Very few plants have true blue blooms. There's an annual, 'cascading/hanging/can't recall name,' w/light blue tiny flowers..

But, I agree, Griffinia is very, very pretty..nice size, too. Same applies to Worsleya.

Sunshine, you said you have basic plants...What types?
Is there a particular plant you'd like? Toni

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