finally some pix to share!

mmebradyJune 13, 2010

Hello! I've been lurking and occasionally posting for several weeks, and I finally have a couple of pix to share! Nothing fancy, as I am very new to junking, and trying desperately to develop what minimal artistic abilities I have been blessed with, but I put up my very first photobucket album, so check it out if yo have a moment!


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Great start, Tracy! I especially love the desk, and the tie dyed ladder.

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Thank you! The desk didn't require any real transformation, the cool part about the ladder is that I had the image in my head, set my 11 & 13 year old daughters to the task, and it pretty much turned out like I had envisioned it! The only thing I have on it so far is a tiny piece of old wood that I thought looked kind of neat, but I have so many projects "in progress" that something will work. I'm thinking of maybe 3 enamel pots I garage saled, but I'm torn between paint and mosaic....

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Hi Tracy! TFS your pics & opening the Photobucket! I enjoyed especially your old chairs ...& the teakettles planted with herbs...they look good "white," too! Looks like your girls had fun with the spray paint...that ladder looks wonderful...please share another pic when you put stuff on it...or grow stuff over it ... or whatever you decide to do! LOL!

Don't know if you've figured out how to put your Photobucket into the "optional link URL ...but you just highlight your photobucket http:///address (when you have PB open), right click & choose "copy" ...and then in your GJ forum where you are posting a just "right click" & choose "paste" in the optional link URL ...and then must fill in a name in the "Name of the link"...if you know this already, please forgive. I've done this with your PB link so it is clickable for other's looking. TFSharing your GJ! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: mmebrady's Photobucket

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Cool stuff, mmebrady! The tie-dye ladder is totally groovy. Tell the girls that they did an awesome job on it. I really like your hand trowel knocker ... how cool is that? And of course I gotta love the rusty "Les fleurs" sign. The old school desk, chairs and tea kettles are wonderful too. Keep those pictures coming!

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Glad you're part of the forum!!! I love your pictures! Being a teacher, I'm particularly fond of the desk! How cool is that? I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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HI Mmebrady! Love the ladder your girls did, hope you sealed it with clear Krylon or something , Colors will last better & any part that didn't get sprayed will stay same color as now unless you want it to age. Cute teapot planters!! Like your painted stone signs,you must have a ready supply around, they are beautiful!Welcome aboard!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome Mmebrady! Glad to have you join us....loved your planters and the step ladder! Keep up the good work...we love seeing pictures!

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