Pandanus--Screw Pine

birdsnbloomsNovember 3, 2012

Aside from Ming and Foxtail Ferns, the only other plant outside is Pandanus/Screw Pine.

Like my other thread, does anyone know the lowest temp Pandanus will live w/o freezing?

How about placing in an unheated garage w/o light?

Garage temps are a few degrees warmer than outside temps, w/o cold no windchill.

Any ideas?

Pandanus is top heavy. Because soil is light, it tilts.

This is an older picture, so Screw Pine is larger..

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Ooh...ouchie! I don't envy you, having to wrestle with that mess O razor wire and saw blades. Yes, it's going to have to come inside before the first heavy frost.

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There's a lot of Pandanus species, from a range of climates. So it would depend on which species you have. Those that cope with low light are usually rainforest plants and need the warmth. Those that cope with a broader temperature range usually require full sun. They are interesting plants though, I've got about a dozen different species including the one that's used in Asian cooking, P. amaryllifolius.

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birdsnblooms are so come up with some real zingers. lol.

Razer wire and saw blades..lolol.

Yep, leaf edges are sharp..teeth grab onto everything. You should try repotting this plant. lol

What about an unheated, no light gargage?

Tropic. I don't know its species..bought at Home Depot 1999. I recall it didn't have a tag.

I saw a picture in an old plant book when I first got hooked on plants; since then I wanted a Screw Pine. 'Didn't know teeth were so sharp,' once it was available in IL I grabbed it.

Is there a way to tell its species? Something to look for? Thanks to you and Rhizo.

I know it's not P. amaryllifolius. So, one speces it isn't. lol.

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P. amaryllifolius it definitely isn't. I could name quite a few others it isn't, but that would still leave a couple of hundred possibilities. Don't want to scare you so I won't post the photos of the 20 metre tall ones I've seen. You might need an aircraft hanger to bring those ones into, LOL.

Does yours have slightly reddish margins on the leaves? Can't really tell from the photo, although it actually doesn't look it. But that would rule out another common one, only 199 to go.

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