Want to (Broadcast) Sprig a new Zoysia lawn

ncredclaygardenerFebruary 24, 2013

I've read and received a lot of information/advice on plugging on this and other sites... but have found relatively less (detailed) info about broadcast sprigging - at least when it comes to establishing a NEW lawn.

I've also been exchanging emails with a horticulture prof at NC State and it seems it (broadcast sprigging) is the way to go for significantly quicker and more uniform coverage. For example, with Palisades Zoysia, they got 90% coverage in 10-12 weeks one year, then 8-9 weeks the next year. Per him, these are likely best case scenario. Compared to best case scenarios for plugging, it doesn't compare.

It's important to distinguish between regular sprigging (incredibly labor intensive) and broadcast sprigging (aka Stolonizing???). From what I've learned, sod can be shredding mechanically into sprigs, then spread out manually as you'd spread straw over a newly seeded lawn. From there, you top dress with 1/4" to 1/2" rich composted topsoil, and keep moist (DILIGENTLY) for the next two to three weeks, then water as needed.

The only issue - I wish there were more DETAILED info available. Two examples:

1) I know the EXACT shredder that NC State used for their studies, but Lowes and Home Depot don't lease that type of shredder. This is a trial and error process, and I hope not to make a critical error like using a machine that shreds the sod too fine and destroys it, or one that doesn't shred it enough.

2) I've seen vids on youtube where sod is shredded, then fed into a roller where the soil is rinsed (by high pressure streams of water) to remove the soil, before being bagged in burlap bags for shipment. What would be the best method to remove the soil... or... is it even necessary?? Could it be beneficial even... to leave some of the sod soil?

As always, thanks for the advice. I cant wait to get started, and will share the results, hopefully more good than bad!

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I found zoysia too expensive and not that great of a grass as it is brown most of the year here.

We spread No Mow Grass seed over the lawn a few years ago and every year it seems to be less mowing. They recommend taking out the old high maintenance grass before planting for fast low maintenance lawn within the year, but over seeding a lawn will also reduce the mowing as it takes over the lawn.

It is exciting to think- one day, the lawn might only need a mowing in the spring and fall!

Here is a link that might be useful: No Mow Grass

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