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thomc107February 20, 2014

I will be removing the weeds and what little grass is left on a stone infested lawn. I had settled on using Scott's grass seed but saw an add on Grassology grass seed and looked it up on the Internet and also saw Cutting Edge grass seed, both sound too good to be true. Has anyone had any experience with either of these brands?

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forsheems(Lexington, NC)

Please tell me you're not willing to pay $14.99 for one pound of grass seed, right? If you do the math that's $750 per 50 pounds and they don't even tell you what cultivar of grass seed it is. Their claims definitely sound too good to be true but the price is what really gives it away.

Next up, spring is not the time of year to be planting grass. Yes, it will come up and look good until the heat of summer hits and all your grass dies out and the weeds take over once again. The time to plant grass is typically around September. Since you're in Missouri I'm not sure what type of grass is best. My suggestion would be to spend some time doing research between now and late summer to put your lawn plans together. Otherwise you are likely to spend a bunch of money only to be disappointed and still have a lawn full of weeds. There are a lot of folks here with tons of knowledge that will be able to help you so take their advice and you will end up much happier.

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Thanks guy,, that's why I posted this. looking for expert guidance and appreciate your response......

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forsheems(Lexington, NC)

Hope I didn't come off as being too harsh. Definitely didn't mean it that way. I'm no pro at this myself but after doing a lot of reading here on the forums my lawn is looking so much better. It's hard to imagine how much time and money I've wasted over the years.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I agree. If you can nurse your weeds and remaining grass through this summer and start in late August, you will be much happier. If you blow your budget on expensive seed in the spring, you're going to hate your lawn. In the mean time let's tune up your lawn care...

  1. Water deeply and infrequently. Deeply means at least an hour in every zone, all at once. Infrequently means monthly during the cool months and no more than weekly during the hottest part of summer. If your grass looks dry before the month/week is up, water longer next time. Deep watering grows deep, drought resistant roots. Infrequent watering allows the top layer of soil to dry completely which kills off many shallow rooted weeds.

  1. Mulch mow at the highest setting on your mower. Most grasses are the most dense when mowed tall. Bermuda, centipede, and bent grasses are the most dense when mowed at the lowest setting on your mower. Dense grass shades out weeds and uses less water when tall. Dense grass feeds the deep roots you're developing in 1 above.
  1. Fertilize regularly. I fertilize 4 times per year using organic fertilizer. Which fertilizer you use is much less important than numbers 1 and 2 above.
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