Lily Garden gets more GJ added!

jeannespinesJune 5, 2010

Remember in April when I showed you this pic of my lily garden...moved lilies last Fall & added some new ones...then painted this wind turbine & put it on already existing old post thing-y (because cow weathervane was stolen). We had built the triple floor birdhouse in March & mounted it on the tall old post.

Then in May I hung this dragonfly & birdcage to the post arms:

A week ago I moved old birdhouse from baker's rack & mounted it on one of the arms & moved my old cream separator to one of the bottom arms & planted German Ivy & some Nastrium (sp?) seeds. Then DH & I had a great 3-day mini-vacation & our SILaw found us places to "hunt" GJ!

Here's one of 2 old metal wheels I got & added it near the separator:

Here's another angle:

And then I got this old gate that would have been DH is going to replace the bad pc with barnwood eventually...but for now it's holding tog.!

And even scored another old watering can!

And here's the full view of what the new lily garden looks like now:

And even the moved lilies are starting to bloom...Yippee!

I think it's looking pretty darn good now! But am going to build a couple more birdhses with DH & add to top arms. Gotta love GJ huntin'! Thanks for lookin'! Jeanne S.

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Your yard looks like something out of a "wish book" for all of us !! ( Especially me ) Everything is arranged perfectly . You sure have something to be proud of , Jeanne !

( Doesn't that make all the hard work worth it ?? !! )

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Its charming!

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marleneann(Buderim, Australia.)


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The cream separator sure made a great trasition to planter and I'm glad you resurrected the old picket gate. All great finds and look like they have been in your pretty lily garden for years! Keep those lovely pictures coming!

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TMG said it perfectly, Jeanne! You've got a lot of neat stuff, and I'm really liking that dragonfly bell thingy.

I have long loved your yard, and now am also loving what a super indoor decorator you are too on our Holiday Forum. This vignette you just created is wonderful ala Jeanne-Style. I wish you'd adopt me, don't you need an old Aunt?

(hey, I have that lil green birdcage too. LOL)
hugs, Karen

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Thank you, GJers, for your sweet comments.

I forgot to add that the 2nd steel wheel is leaning in front of the tall birdhouse can barely see it in the full view pic. Also in front of this garden is a Prairie Fire Crabapple which has been planted 2 flowered this Spring...very pretty...looks like a stick in the pic!

And, happy to say, that yesterday a Wren chattered at me the whole time I was working out there...guess I was too close to her new home in the triple floor birdhouse.

Will share another pic later when lilies are blooming more (hopefully)...Asiatic & Daylilies. Thanks again, Jeanne S.

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"don't your need an old Aunt?" .... TOO FUNNY, purplemoon! My aunts are in their mid 80's ... so I think you'll be my adopted SISTER! LOL! Yeah, & I remember that you have that birdcage, too...lucky finds! Love 'em! Jeanne S.

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