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naninhiJune 2, 2014

Hi Y'ALL Enjoying making them..but is there anyway to
"englue" them?? I'm using GE Silicone II Clear. I made a birdbath and now want to change the top....any ideas???

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Marlene Kindred

The only thing I've had work is to take a knife, putty knife, or pie server and start working around the edges until it will come off. If it hasn't been set for a long time, it will probably come off easier.

Good luck!

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My mind must have gone blank for a moment as your very simple answer should have occured to me. Thanks it worked like a charm :)

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That's what I do also. Make sure you get ALL the old adhesive off because nothing will stick to silicone after it cures. I scrape, then sand to make sure it's all gone.

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