Boats3(9a - San Antonio)February 10, 2013

After reading around in here, I've seen folks talking about the benefits of alfalfa on the lawn. Just wanted to share what I saw at Walmart. 25lb bag of rabbit chow for 7.33. Not a bad deal based on 50lb mill prices.

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Rabbit pellets should work but look at the ingredients label. Many will have things like sun flower seeds or some grass seed in it you may not want. Also note the salt content.

Three ingredients you should see are alfalfa, molasses, and soy bean meal. All of which is good for your lawn. Also check for corn as a lot of manufactures use it as a filler. Corn is not a bad thing for your lawn, but heavily dilutes what you are after.

Another idea is Horse pellets.

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Boats3(9a - San Antonio)


I took a picture while I was the to get your guys' opinion on the ingredients.

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