2 dogs + 1 husband who wants green lawn = AHHH!

DisplacedClevelander(6a)February 16, 2013

Have two large, energetic dogs and a pretty small yard. The grass in the yard has been divided by the dogs into two parts: back part is the toilet area, the front part is where they like to play their daily Wrestle-Mania.

Amazingly enough, the grass of the toilet has survived (for the most part). However, the half where the dogs play, has been worn down. Keeping them off of this area for long enough for true grass to grow, I'm afraid is just not going to happen.

Now, insert my husband. He really wants a lush, green grassy yard. I don't think that it is possible. Am I wrong?

Any suggestions for a specific type of grass that's great for two large dogs? If there isn't, do you have any recommendations on a grass substitute?

Thank you in advance for your advice. We could definitely use some right now! :-D

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Well judging from the picture and your climate zone warm season grasses are not an option which is too bad because there is only one grass type that might stand a chance. Bermuda is the only one I can think of that can stand up to that kind of abuse.

Looks likes you have to make a choice. Keep either the dogs or the Husband. But one of them has to go. :>)

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Why do people put large dogs in small areas? Your dogs need room to play so you might want to take them to a place where they can run and do their dooties.

I would suggest that if it's not possible, then any grass you do plant won't have a chance to get a good root system to thrive. Running any pet (or husband) on soft wet ground is going to do in all but the toughest grass.

You might look for a High Traffic No Mowing Grass, but again, you have to find another place for the dogs to run while it is being established- especially on wet days.

Here is a link that might be useful: High Traffic Lawn Mix

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Texas-Weed: thanks for the suggestion.. Although I don't plan on ditching either my husband or my dogs.

LittleSprouts: thanks for the advice. Despite 2 hour daily walks, my dogs don't like to do their business or wrestle anywhere except my yard (which I guess is nice for my neighbors) so it's not a matter of them not having the time to run around. Will look into the high traffic mix.

Was even thinking of planting some type of clover varietal in the bald spots.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Oh no! It's No mow!!

He/she is back and dredging up year-old threads (not this one) to push a lb of "seed" (which is actually 60% fluff inert matter) for $40 for high-traffic. Two postings on a spanking-new ID created today. Enough for a whole 500 sq ft!!

Clevelander: read before opening wallet...

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Andy-- thanks so much for the heads up. All that trouble for $40...! It's a shame that someone is clogging up this (awesomely helpful) forum with some not so helpful suggestions.

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