The high rise gnome-home

tbledsaw(5)June 29, 2010

Finally got the mushroom caps on my gnome-home today! So glad to get it done :o) Still need to locate a ladder for them, but I'm sure it'll come in time lol

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You have made a really nice looking gnome-home.

I made a ladder from a wicker placemat, small twine, and tooth picks. Then stained and polyurethaned it.

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Both are very neat!

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Wow! Totally cute ladder! I might just have to follow suit. I saw a gnome ladder on someone elses post. I was hoping to find one at the hobby store today, but no such luck.

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Is that cute! Did you cut down real roofing shingles to make the ones on the gnome house? You did an awesome job if you did! I have seen those little ladders you are thinking of. They usually come out around Christmas time and have gnomes climbing up them (or are they elves?). I really like Susie's rope ladder though. And I really like that cute little gnome hanging on for dear life too. he-he ;^)

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Looks like several gnomes have already taken up housekeeping! Very cute! Little gnome in house will definitely need a ladder to get down!! Susie's is a cute 1 & would go well with your house!! Jan

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I did use real roofing shingles for the roof. It really wasn't as hard as what it sounds. I used some utility scissors and just cut them down to size :o)
I've been working on weeding and crafting diligently for the past two days. Not sure if I have it in me to sit and make a ladder right now, but it's definitely in the queue! ;o)

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Very cool gnome home. The mushroom caps are great, very mod looking.

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If that's a "log" home, that's a great recycle! Great shingles, did great! And looks like lots of little people waiting to get inside! Good luck "ladder hunting!" TFS! Jeanne s.

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Thanks Jeanne :o) It is a big log. We picked up some firewood off of freecycle & ideas started clicking in my head for this one LOL The pole was set in concrete & had a mailbox on it...another freecycle find. The mushroom tops are parts of other projects I've done. I'm thinking it needs some ivy growing up the pole to make it more natural. So many projects, so little time LOL

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When you are out GS'ing or TS'ing, look at some costume might find some squar-ish chain that would work for a ladder! Or it wouldn't be too hard to tie one with jute (maybe another TS find!) something will show up for you that isn't as time-consuming! (seen susierose's last yr & LOVE IT...lots of work!) Have fun ...just wondering how an Asparagus Fern would work in this setting...right now they are so "on sale" here...all annuals in lots of nurseries & such...I love 'em! Jeanne S.

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As a gnome freak I must say you have done a STERLING JOB!!! I love all things 'gnome' and love that you also have a gnome garden!

How did you get the caps on the mushrooms to stay on? I love this idea, using real wood for mushroom stalks, and will have to steal it!

What are your gnomes made of? I mostly have concrete ones but do have a few made of plastic. All the paint is chipping off of them, though, and I'm not very happy about that.

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Thanks cait1. The mushroom caps are made of mortar. I used GE Silicone II to glue them down.

The way the log was cut made it perfect for the mushrooms.

That is a great idea to use wood for mushroom stalks though. I have another mushroom cap I was thinking of pouring concrete/cement for, but wood would suit it just fine! Thanks for the idea! LOL

As for the gnomes, they are all the resin/plastic stuff. I am pretty sure they all came from JoAnn fabrics. They usually have a great gnome selection. My local JoAnn is fresh out though :o(

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In the paper today is a birdhouse with a ladder hanging down. Would be perfect for your gnome house! Twigs(width you want them) drilled at each end to thread through, twig's about 3/8 in thick- straight twigs with bark still attached,thread cord through & place single knot under each end of step to hold it in place. Really looks great & easy to do,just add as many steps as needed! Simple & cute! Jan

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